How to establish bimetallic radiators

How to establish bimetallic radiators

Today the bimetallic radiator is considered one of the most effective heating appliances. These radiators possess the raised heat emission, and their modern design perfectly fits practically into any interior. It is necessary to consider that installation of heating appliances is rather complex work demanding professional approach. But if you, for one reason or another, have no opportunity to invite the expert, it is possible to try to establish bimetallic radiator by the hands.

It is required to you

  • - torque wrenches;
  • - tanks for water;
  • - construction level;
  • - perforator;
  • - pencil.


1. Find out diameter of the bringing pipes. Order mounting kit of the corresponding size.

2. Check set of delivery of bimetallic radiator. Have to enter it: - two adapters; - airoutlet valve; - stub; - adapter under Mayevsky's valve; - laying under stub and the adapter; - brackets.

3. Prepare tanks. Block water and merge its remains from heating system. Dismantle old radiator, having untwisted threaded connections of the bringing and taking away pipes.

4. Mark installation sites of brackets. It is for this purpose recommended to put radiator to eyeliners of pipes. Check horizontal by means of construction level. Apply fastenings to installation site and plan fixing openings by means of pencil.

5. Drill openings of the corresponding diameter in the places planned earlier by means of the perforator. Fix brackets by means of dowels. It is necessary to consider that on 8 and less sections of bimetallic radiator there are quite enough three brackets. If the quantity of sections from 8 to 12, is required to you already 4 fixtures.

6. Establish radiator on the prepared brackets so that horizontal collectors have appeared on hooks. It is necessary to know that one of features of mounting bimetallicof radiators is that this heating appliance has to remain in packing up to its full installation and check of working capacity.

7. Install Mayevsky's valve which is included in the delivery package on each radiator. At inhaling of the valve it is necessary to use torque wrench not to exceed admissible effort. Install temperature-controlled and shutoff valves.

8. Connect bimetallic radiator to heating services heating conduits. It is not recommended to smooth out the connected surfaces abrasive paper or file - it can lead to emergence of leakages.

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