How to fight against house mold

How to fight against house mold

Mold in the house – not simply it is not esthetic. This is the artful enemy who damages health and can cause set of diseases. To fight against mold very difficult therefore it is simpler to prevent its emergence.

How to prevent emergence of mold

It is much easier to perform prevention, than to get rid of this harmful fungus. For this purpose it is enough to follow the following rules:

– to control air humidity level, to watch that in the house was not damp; – not to have furniture closely at walls as on it condensate can be formed, and in such favorable conditions the mold surely will appear; – to air the apartment, especially the bathroom and toilet more often, and airing has to be intensive;

– at construction of the house or repair to equip good ventilation, especially in kitchen and in bathroom; – it is worth watching that cranes have always been closed, carefully to use humidifier and not to dry the washed clothes in rooms; – before hanging up clothes in cabinet, it is necessary to dry properly it, and after damp cleaning everything needs to be wiped dry; – large number of houseplants increases air humidity, besides the fungus can be got in flowerpots therefore you should not part "jungle" in the apartment. It is possible to reduce humidity indoors by means of the conditioner. Before purchase it is worth paying attention to availability in its filters of fungicide impregnation also air cleaning function.

During the next repair it is possible to process for prevention corners of walls and secluded corners biocidal solution, and wooden surfaces – anti-septic tank. But if the mold has already appeared, processing will not help. At first it is necessary to get rid of it.

How to get rid of mold

It is necessary to understand the reason of emergence of mold and to eliminate it. The reasons can be much as above-mentioned (dampness, bad ventilation, abundance of houseplants), and others, for example, crack in the wall, the proceeding roof or not really qualitative window frames. The procedure of disposal of fungus is rather labor-consuming. The palette the mold carefully is removed from surfaces. It is necessary to watch that the smoothed-out surfaces remained dry. After the procedure of cleaning, special medicine is applied. Means from mold can be got in hardware store. Usually they are ready to application and are put by means of brush or the paint blower. About 6 hours (the exact time is specified in the instruction to means) later surfaces are again smoothed out by the palette. Then they need to be washed up, dried up carefully and again to put means from mold. 24 hours of surface later it is possible to cover with decorative plasters, to paint or paste over with wall-paper.

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