How to fill with water heating services

How to fill with water heating services

Intervention in heating services happens every time when it is necessary to wash out system, to let out the air, to eliminate consequences of emergency or to start new heating system. The overall performance of system depends on that, all operations, especially filling of the heat carrier are how competently performed.

Preparation for filling of system with water

After the end of mounting of heating services and also in the preventive purposes, once a year it is necessary to carry out washing of pipes and radiators. For elimination of the collected air carry out hydraulic test. After all events for washing and system testing under pressure are held, it is necessary to check all elements and knots regarding leaks. Before filling close cranes. Haste at implementation of this procedure is not necessary.

Filling of the heat carrier is carried out step by step. First of all in those sites most of which closer are to the heat carrier. Filling begins with the lower knots, gradually, in process of filling and removal of air, pass to the top points.

Calculation of amount of water in heating services

Draining and filling of water in heating services most often is compulsory measure. For this purpose it is necessary to calculate correctly the speed of operation of the equipment and the size of heating system. To learn what volume of water it is necessary to fill in in system, it is necessary to measure diameter of pipes and extent of the pipeline. Besides, data on quantity of sections in radiators and capacity of all elements of heating services will be necessary. Let's designate water volume in radiators P, boiler K, expansion tank of B, pipes T. The formula is simple: B + K+P*C (quantity of sections) + T*M (pipeline extent in meters) +20%

Quality test of filling of heating system

In places of passing of the heat carrier it is desirable to establish hydrometer. On the basis of the carried-out calculations, the exact amount of water which has to be given to system is known. It is possible to judge by meter readings what amount of liquid already is in system. Technology of filling of system heat carrier is as follows: at the same time 4 cranes of boiler open. In the lower point water is pumped by means of the hose connected to the crane, and to boiler water is pumped on pipes. The water arriving through obratka pushes out air up. In owner-occupied dwelling the water drain comes down to overlapping of the crane and removal of water through hose in the water receiver. To drain water from radiators it is necessary to open drain cocks accurately. Now it is densely closed all drain cocks and we pump water in expansion tank. All procedures: draining and filling, are carried out carefully to avoid hydroblow. In radiators when filling air which should be pitted will accumulate.

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