How to get rid of bug bark beetle in the house

How to get rid of bug bark beetle in the house

If in your country house or in the apartment under finishing materials (gypsum cardboard, fibreboard) the bug bark beetle was got, then it is necessary to get rid of it urgently. It can do huge harm to construction. The solution is.

The bug bark beetle is little insect who for small interval of time can do huge harm to the constructions executed from tree and also finishing materials, for example, it as gypsum cardboard.

The bug bark beetle is how dangerous?

The bark beetle destroys strong structure of tree therefore if not to take any actions, then wooden construction can become useless.

The most important sign of presence of bug in your housing is the small group of white dust which it leaves behind.

If you after all have found in the house, the apartment, giving bug bark beetle, it is necessary to take any actions immediately. For a start it is necessary to reveal, the site is how struck. It is possible to reveal it by means of any sharp object - knife or scissors. Sharp object it is necessary to pierce the site which, in your opinion, is struck. If there is puncture, then it is necessary to cut and burn this site if is not present, it will be possible to manage just processing.

Before processing it is required to clean surface from pollution and to be prepared most (to put on gloves, respirator).

Means for pest control

Time does not stand still, and thanks to modern development of various technologies large number of various means against such insects has appeared. These are various water solutions and impregnations. It is possible to buy protective equipment in specialized shop. Process previously cleaned damaged site solution or impregnation of the wooden building and also finishing material. Follow the instruction. These means not only will protect you from bark beetle, but also will serve as prevention. If there is no opportunity to get special means in shop, it is possible to use helpers, having prepared solution independently. Make mix of kerosene and turpentine, connect them in the ratio 1:3. After preparation pour in liquid in openings which were made by bark beetles. To process nearby sites drying oil. It is also possible to address to the special firm dealing with such problems. After survey of the problem site, the arrived team itself will choose the necessary way of fight against bug bark beetle.

Not to allow emergence of wreckers in wood, it is necessary to process at stage of construction wood protective equipment.

The bug bark beetle can bring within five years the house into unfitness therefore if there was problem, then it is impossible to hesitate. Especially it belongs to owner-occupied country houses and dachas.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team