How to get rid of bugs in the apartment

How to get rid of bugs in the apartment

At emergence in your dwelling of blood-sicking parasites it is necessary to start urgent actions for their destruction immediately. It is possible to get rid of bugs in the apartment, the nobility for this purpose is enough and to correctly use methods of fight against them.


1. Do not wait at all that bugs will disappear in itself. Every day the number of individuals will only grow as reproduction at them goes incredibly quickly. In two-three weeks the female of bug can postpone until three hundred eggs.

2. Use chemical medicines to get rid of bugs in the apartment. The range of the insecticides offered in shops is very rich. Among them there are liquid means, aerosols, powders. The most effective among them are Forsythe, "Get", Karbozol, Riapan. At the same time it is necessary to remember, at frequent application of the same means for bugs there is accustoming to chemical medicines, and they become inefficient.

3. During the work with insecticides be careful as they are poisonous and quite often cause allergic reactions in the person. Therefore before chemical treatment of the apartment, it is necessary to execute number of the required actions. Ask family members to leave the room at least for two-three hours. Be prepared extermination of insects to the procedure: put on the clothes closing the most part of body (for example, sports suit), protect airways by means of cotton and gauze bandage, for protection of hands use rubber gloves.

4. Try to find the place of settling of little blood-suckers. Usually colonies of these insects become populated in the concealed hard-to-reach spots: on joints and cracks of walls, under wall-paper, under plinth, in upholstered furniture. Process the sites infected with bugs as follows (depending on what medicine you apply): you apply liquid with brush or spray spray, spray aerosol, display powder on all perimeter of the room.

5. To get rid of bugs folk remedies, turpentines, kerosene, vinegar, well-known among them, can help with the apartment. You apply the above-stated liquids on expected habitats blood-sicking daily for several days. Use odorous plants in fight against bed bugs, such as wormwood and tansy. Their sharp aroma has the frightening-off effect, but does not kill them in any way. Keep in mind that use of folk remedies is not always effective.

6. More effective method at fight against domestic bugs – temperature processing of the room. At low (near minus 30 degrees) and at high (it is higher than 50 degrees) temperatures bugs do not survive. But in the conditions of the city apartment the creation of such conditions is problematic.

7. Call professional public health services, they will help you to get rid with guarantee of bugs in the apartment. For the address to such experts the inefficiency of the measures taken independently or desire to provide to be engaged to these professionals is decisive factor. However most of people is stopped from call of experts by the overstated cost of such services.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team