How to get rid of bugs in the house

How to get rid of bugs in the house

Emergence in the house of various insects is extremely unpleasant event for housewives. In spite of the fact that bugs have the small sizes, they are capable to bring array of problems. At detection of wreckers in the house it is necessary immediately to begin to combat them, but not to wait for the moment when they breed.

  • - means from bugs wood borers of Belinka Belotsid;
  • - means from bugs "The wood doctor";
  • - vaseline oil;
  • - kerosene and turpentine;
  • - wax or paraffin;
  • - soapsuds;
  • - vinegar;
  • - garlic segments;
  • - "Thunder 1" or "Thunder 2".

1. Bugs wood borers can be Found these bugs on small openings on wooden surfaces and on availability of excelsior. It is necessary to begin fight immediately, otherwise all furniture will shortly become useless. Process affected area special means of Belinka Belotsid. Very well to fight with bugs "Wood Doctor" helps. This medicine can be used both for removal of bugs, and for prevention from their emergence.

2. Oil furniture surface vaseline. In the openings which are gnawed through by bug squeeze out in advance prepared mix. For this purpose mix one part of kerosene with three parts of turpentine. Close up the processed openings wax or paraffin. That bugs have not appeared further, try to air more often rooms, to rub floor and to look after carefully furniture.

3. Bugs in grain and mukeesl of bugs it is a little, stocks can quite be saved. Surely sift flour through small sieve and warm up in oven at temperature of 40 degrees. Touch pasta and grain manually and too warm up at 50 degrees. Try to store grain and flour only in glass or metal container. Regiments and cabinet where stocks were stored, wash out soapsuds with soda or wipe with vinegar. Near tanks surely put garlic segments. This smell works on bugs frightening off.

4. As preventive measures make small sacks of holshchevy fabric and boil them in strong salt solution about 30 minutes. Let's them cool down then get and dry up. Do not forget to iron them the iron. Then it is possible to store in such sacks safely flour or grain, without worrying that in it wreckers will be brought.

5. Bugs on room to rasteniyakhprezhda of all isolate the struck plant from the others. As bugs show the activity in night-time, at night by means of small lamp collect all visible individuals and destroy them. Replace plant to other soil, having carefully washed out root system. Leaves if desired can be washed out soapsuds. The earth as prevention water with means "the Thunder 1" or "the Thunder 2". And spray flower with "Zircon".

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