How to prepare paste with seafood

How to prepare paste with seafood

Recipes of various pastes with seafood more than one hundred will be gained. To combine different types of pasta, seafood and suitable sauces it is possible in a set of variations. Even it is always possible to include several new nuances in well familiar and checked recipe – to add wine, spicy herbs, spices - and the dish will develop an original taste.

It is required to you

  • 3 garlic gloves;
    • 500 g of squids;
    • 500 g of shrimps;
    • 1 kg of shell macaroni products clams
    • 1 kg of mussels;
    • 300 g of white dry wine;
    • 200 g of olive oil;
    • 500 g of schiaffoni;
    • 1 chili pepper;
    • 100 g of cherry tomatoes;
    • 50 g of the cut parsley;
    • 50 g of the whole parsley;
    • salt


1. That the dish looked unusually and was followed by an interesting story, take schiaffoni paste as a basis. Its name came from the Italian verb schiaffeggiare that in translation means "give slap in the face". These thick, but volume short tubules after boiling when they are "splashed" in a plate, make a sound indeed similar to as though struck with a soft palm. Their undoubted culinary advantage – they are ideally combined with large seafood and perfectly absorb sauce.

2. Begin with preparation of mollusks. Under flowing water carefully clean mussels, remove from them their so-called "beard", with a brush wash up sinks and put aside. Be engaged in shell macaroni products. Clams in Italy call the mollusks known at us as sea cockerels. Touch a clam, throwing out opened and cracked, also clean them and wash out. Clean squids, having exempted them from a film and rigid "beak", cut off tentacles, and cut a carcass rings. Exempt shrimps from an armor.

3. Put a clam and mussels in two separate wide and deep frying pans. Add the parsley bunch exempted from seeds, cut by rings chili pepper and two crushed garlic gloves to a clam. Include a baking plate frying pans strong fire. Constantly mixing contents of frying pans, let's mollusks heat up, it will take no more than 1-2 minutes. In two glasses part with water 100 ml of wine and pour in one to mussels, another to shell macaroni products. Wait until wine begins to boil, and mollusks will open. Switch off heating. You will throw out all not opened mussels and a clam, lay off ten pieces in sinks for ornament, separate the others from a shell, merge juice from sinks in separate ware.

4. Heat olive oil in a frying pan, pour a half of the cut parsley and put one small cut garlic glove. Let's garlic be reddened a little and lay out in the warmed oil of a ring of squids. Fry 5 minutes, periodically stirring slowly. Cut cherry tomatoes in half. Pour in the remained wine to squids, let's be evaporated to alcohol and add the cut tomatoes. Salt, cover and you extinguish on slow fire about 10 minutes. At this time boil water and pour into it pasta. To squids lay out shrimps, add about 2 cups of boiled hot water or chicken broth. You extinguish 2-3 more minutes. Lay out the cleaned mollusks, pour in juice, warm up 1-2 minutes and switch off heating. Merge pasta through a colander.

5. Mix schiaffoni with sauce with seafood, divide into portions, decorate with the mollusks which remained in sinks and give with white wine, having strewed with the cut parsley. The cooled fresh grapefruit juice also perfectly will approach this dish.

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