How to get rid of gas smell

How to get rid of gas smell

Do you feel smell of gas with which all your family can get poisoned in kitchen? In this case it is necessary to check well the room, but to get rid of gas smell, it is not enough. You need to check all gas devices, including plate, regarding their serviceability.


1. If you feel smell of the odorant added to carbon monoxide in the apartment at first as soon as possible air yours rooms, having opened wide open all windows in the apartment. But such actions are not enough, you have to understand the reason of its emergence. First, at once check regarding serviceability all gas devices installed in the apartment, especially plate, the geyser in the presence of the water-heating device of this type, and in rooms with autonomous heating – and heating boiler. Switching on and off each gas device on sequence, you quickly will understand from where there is gas leak.

2. To check whether the plate is serviceable, you can one of two simple methods. Moisten with normal soap solution joints of gas pipes and flexible hoses and also stubs and cranes, and look whether it is visible bubbles. In places where under soap solution the air bubbles come to surface, and there is gas leak. Check the geyser and the boiler by other method, but you remember need of observance of necessary safety rules. After thorough airing of the room include gas in such devices and accurately bring the lit match to torch, and then look whether the torch of the burning gas escapes from system.

3. To get rid of gas smell in the apartment, urgent repair of the faulty gas equipment is necessary. If etches only flexible shlag, connecting kitchen stove to stationary gas pipe, change it independently, having only bought similar hose in specialized shop. Having blocked valve, replace the damaged hose with new, and then repeatedly check it by means of soapsuds, well greasing with it only joints. If not the hose, but plate owing to emergence on it of microcracks etches, it will be better and safer than everything to get new modern gas-fire, than to repair the failed household appliance.

4. In case not the pipe, but the geyser or boiler of heating etches, to get rid independently of smell of carbon monoxide, having removed at the same time the cause of its emergence, you will not be able. Surely call emergency service and call the master or address to the company where you bought at the time this gas equipment. As a rule, such companies carry out not only sales of the water-heating and heating equipment, but also make its reliable service.

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