How to get rid of mice in country house

How to get rid of mice in country house

Rodents this important link of natural community and eternal neighbors of the person who live everywhere: in apartments, houses, garages and at dachas. Externally harmless small animals deliver great deal of trouble and even troubles. They not only destroy products, things, books and furniture, but also transfer causative agents of dangerous diseases.

In premises it is simpler to struggle with mice - easy to stop invasion at early stage. At the dacha everything becomes complicated the fact that the territory for a long time remains without supervision and here it is necessary to work for certain.

Signs of appearance of mice

Even if the room not inhabited to understand that in it rodents quite simply were got. They leave marks of the stay everywhere, namely:

  • specific smell;
  • the spoiled things – furniture, clothes, walls, plinth, wires;
  • traces from pads along walls and on corners;
  • dung not only on floor, but also on table, windowsills, regiments, and sometimes and in ware.

Mainly in late time of day the mice give themselves rustle and gnash.

To protect giving from wreckers, first of all it is necessary to carry out prevention. In country lodge it is necessary to close up all slots and openings through which small animals can get inside. It will not secure the house fully as mice easily move on communication designs, but considerably will reduce number of rodents.

Before closing lodge for the winter, it is necessary to remove all products and also to remove food waste.

Fight against mice in winter time

In the winter mouse attacks on country houses become the real disaster. Weather patterns and lack of food force them to make the way to the shelter where they safely live and breed. In the summer when country lodges are manned, it is much easier to cope with uninvited guests – it is possible to bring cat, to use modern ultrasonic devices or to nakidat fresh odorous herbs.

But for the winter at the dacha you will not leave either the striped hunter, or wire source of sound waves. Therefore it is better to begin fight with the checked national methods.

1.     In the summer or prepare forest fern in the fall and display it indoors – along walls and on corners. Mice do not take out smell which exhales this plant, and quickly leave the shelter. The wormwood has same frightening-off properties, mints and tansies - these herbs are strong even in a dry form.

2.     Scraps of cat's wool skatyvat, slightly singe and display lumps in lodge.

3.     Flour is mixed with alabaster, plaster or lime, fill mix in sacks and placed on corners. Nearby put saucer with water, but it is possible to manage and without liquid – the structure anyway will be deadly to rodents.

4.     Impregnate with menthol or eucalyptus oil rags and display them in the house and also stop up with them slots. The strong radio smell is intolerable for rodents, and they in a hurry will leave the room. The only hitch is that the aroma exhausts over time and it needs to be updated periodically that sometimes is not provided possible.

5.     Mice and from smell of birch tar which can be replaced with ointment of Vishnevsky as it contains this component leave. Substance is squeezed out directly on floor on all perimeter of the room, near walls or on plinths. 

Physical methods of extermination of rodents

If national methods for some reason do not approach or just there is no time for similar tricks, it is possible to use mousetraps, traps or ultrasonic devices on batteries.

Advanced mousetraps operate by the same principle, but do not kill small animal, and just hold it. Place food bait in special compartment of adaptation and close it. The special handle is lifted before click and leave the mousetrap in any place. When the wrecker appears inside, the lever will fall again.

The electronic trap strikes rodents with current. Adaptation has the cone-shaped structure of the fascinating mechanism that holds small animal inside. When the mouse on smell of bait gets to box, at once rejects it in special compartment. After that the device is automatically recharged and again works.

Cages for rodents have usual design and automatic door - as soon as the mouse runs in the device the cage will be closed at once.

Ultrasonic repellants work at certain frequencies and are imperceptible for human ear, but mice are very sensitive to them. Sound vibrations are carried on certain radius, and rodents leave the territory which it covers. The devices working from batteries or the accumulator are suitable for giving – similar devices meet at the Grad or Tornado trademark.

Chemical means from mice

Poisons of wreckers etched always. It is not the most humane way of catching, but effective. Arsenic was succeeded by various medicines in the form of grain, candies, paraffin briquettes and glues. Mice are omnivorous and rush on everything that at least bears a faint resemblance to food.

In this category Rat Death poison, grain bait of "HELP" and granule with smell of Clean House nut have well proved. Medicines display in expected places of congestion of small animals – generally on corners and at walls. Mice take away poison, and it needs to be poured periodically or at once to decompose in large number.

Glue lodges Gryzunoff or "Mr Mouse" entice mice bait smell in the center of sticky surface and do not leave to the victim any chances. Glue which can be squeezed out on piece of cardboard acts as alternative to such traps. Several such traps completely will clear country house of wreckers.

Ways of fight against rodents are developed at scientific institutes. Regularly new mechanical devices and the chemical compositions which are capable to cope with this misfortune are issued, however mice quickly adapt to them, and the efficiency of medicines decreases. Therefore it is better to solve problem in a complex.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team