How to get rid of midges in flowers

How to get rid of midges in flowers

At excess watering of houseplants sometimes it is necessary to face emergence of midges in them. Larvae of midges live in the soil and eat organic matters. Insects quickly breed, flying over from one flowerpot to another.


1. It is possible to get rid of midges in flowers in several ways. Undermine a few earth in pot. If in it there are too many larvae, it is necessary to replace completely the soil for plant.

2. At change of plant surely remove from it the begun to rot parts of roots and all old earth. Wash out pot with soap, potassium permanganate and process boiled water.

3. If it is a little larvae, it is necessary accurately, trying not to damage roots, to replace top layer of soil.

4. The earth in pot needs to be impregnated with weak manganese solution of room temperature.

5. It is possible to get rid of midges in flowers by means of special chemical medicines: Agravertin, Inta-vir, Aktara, Aktellik, Fitoverm. For this purpose prepare solution according to the enclosed instruction and spill it the soil two times with week interval. Do not water plant during three – five days after processing, otherwise medicine will be washed up from the soil, and its action will weaken.

6. Alternative option of chemical treatment – medicine Thunder-2. It is packaged in granules and has stronger influence. It is necessary to pour out the recommended amount of powder on the surface of soil and to mix it with top layer. Effect of medicine begins in several hours and remains within two weeks.

7. After chemical treatment of plant close the room and turn on the fumigant injector.

8. If there is no fumigant injector, it is possible to carry out processing of surface of the soil by special aerosol from midges or dichlorvos. At the same time be careful of hit of chemical on plant.

9. Increase interval between waterings. Do not water plant, the top earth layer will not dry up yet.

10. In time get rid of the died-off leaves and peduncles of plant.

11. Before use of new soil take it on frost or fry thoroughly in the microwave oven. For prevention add to it medicine Thunder-2.

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