How to get rid of old spots

How to get rid of old spots

Now there is set of various stain removers. The alternative of the choice is, but it is necessary to be spent significantly to buy stain removers for all types of spots. Instead it is possible to use make-shifts.


1. For a start it is necessary to define origin and kind of spot. It will help to pick up the necessary means. Spots happen the following types: - spots which are dissolved in water. Among them spots from foodstuff and from the dyes soluble in water are the most widespread; - spots which are dissolved in organic solvents. Among them there are first of all greasy spots; - spots which are not dissolved neither in water, nor in organic solvents. Insoluble spots are formed from water-insoluble artificial and natural paints, mold, blood, etc.

2. If you need to remove the spot formed from red wine or berries apply on it structure from equal parts of egg yolk (crude) and glycerin. Leave mix for two hours. Then carefully wash with warmish water.

3. To remove spots from champagne, beer, white wine, wet thing in solution of laundry detergent for 15 minutes. Prepare mix from white soap, turpentine and ten-percentage ammonia solution (10 parts of soap for 2 parts of turpentine and 1 part of ammonia solution). Rub with mix spot, then carefully wash away it warm water and again wet product in warm soap solution. Later rinse in cold water.

4. You can remove old spots from fruit with the following method: take fabric over ware with the boiling water, then wipe spot with the lemon juice (is possible to replace with solution of citric acid or vinegar) diluted with vodka in proportion 1:1. After that process fabric the tampon, the wetted in solution of ammonia solution and water.

5. Spots from coffee, chocolate or strong tea are difficult. They contain dyes, fat, protein, tannins. If thing from light fabric, impregnate it with hydrogen peroxide, leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse in cold water.

6. If you need to remove greasy spot, at first wet it in turpentine solution for 30 minutes. Prepare mix from the dried-up potato flour (cooled down) and gasoline. Under fabric put plate.

7. It is hard to remove old spot of blood. Wipe it with ammonia solution solution (1 tsp on glass of water). Then dissolve in 1 glass of water 1 tsps drills and rub with solution spot. Wash thing in warm water.

8. From delicate products of spot of blood are removed by means of potato starch which is mixed to stiff consistency in cold water. Apply gruel on spot and let's it dry, then wash things in warm water.

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