What firewood it is better

What firewood it is better

Well as in country house in the winter without firewood? To warm the room, it is impossible to heat fireplace, to heat bath without them. And they, by the way, are different - and sooner or later steadily there is question what firewood it is better.

Birch firewood

Each breed of tree has the characteristics. The most important parameter – the specific heat of combustion depending on humidity and breed of tree.

Universal wood which will be suitable both for fireplace, and for the oven, and for bath ‒ birch. It has sufficient density, is characterized by high heat emission. Birch firewood burns with long hot equal flame and not without justification is considered as the best for bath. At combustion they mark out pleasant aroma, thanks to the content of tar have curative and disinfecting effect, for as are appreciated by fans of baths.

The only minus of birch firewood – they mark out considerable amount of soot which accumulates on walls of flue and pipe, from what the draft in the furnace worsens. When using birch firewood the annual cleaning of flue is required.

Pine firewood

It is slightly less, than at birch, heat emission at firewood of coniferous breeds. The most widespread of them pine, they give more heat, than fir-tree. Pine logs burn hot, with characteristic crackling, but quickly burn through. Because of high content of pitches strongly smoke, besides "shoot" pieces of coal therefore in open fireplaces it is better not to use them.

Thanks to unique coniferous aroma, pine firewood is ideal for bath. The essential oils which are contained in pitch during the bathing procedure, well influence respiratory system, nerves calm, promote the general relaxation of organism.

Aspen firewood

It is good to have aspen firewood always. However, wood density small, heat they give a little, but have very valuable property: do not give soot and are capable to remove from flue deposit from other firewood. It is desirable to heat several times for heating season the furnace aspen firewood. It is not necessary to prepare aspen for the future for several years, it quickly becomes mouldering and absolutely unsuitable for heating.

Willow firewood

The cheapest, because of low grade of wood, willow firewood. Burn exactly, without soot, but burn through instantly, practically without giving heat. To warm the room, a lot of willow firewood will be required therefore to save on them it will hardly turn out. It is possible to use willow as kindling under coal.

Rare species of firewood

Oak – the best firewood for the furnace. Dense wood, burns long, gives high heat emission, it turns out very economical, in comparison with other firewood, for heating of the same area, it is spent much less. Because of high cost to its thicket use as additive to other wood. Couple of oak poleshka will make burning more intensive and long.

Good oak firewood turns out from trees of middle age, at combustion they mark out pleasant tart aroma. Firewood from oak is ideal not only for furnaces, but also for fireplaces.

Excellent, but also some of the most expensive – alder firewood. Burn hot, without smoke and soot, extending pleasant aroma.

Alder with any other firewood you will not confuse, on cut it has color from yellow to saturated red. Perhaps, it is the best firewood for fireplace, they burn with fascinating equal flame of beautiful shade. Great advantage – alder firewood long remains, it is possible to prepare for the future for 5-6 years.

It is possible to carry lime to rare firewood. Though the linden is also widespread, but lime firewood meets infrequently. Wood hot, however, long inflames, but then the furnace heats up very quickly. The aroma which proceeds from linden at combustion has curative properties. The bath heated by lime firewood is useful at colds, diseases of bronchial tubes and lungs, well influences condition of skin.

Regardless of which you will take forms of firewood, you watch that wood was not rotten. Advantage of gnilushka zero. That firewood burned, giving warmly to the maximum, they have to be dry. Not dry-through wood burns badly, gives a lot of smoke and is a little warm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team