How to grow up blueberry

How to grow up blueberry

Tall (cultural) blueberry becomes very desired culture on sites of gardeners. It is the long-term deciduous bush up to 2 meters high with leathery leaves and quite large spherical berries picked in brush. Dark sweet berries are not simply tasty, they also are very useful to the person. However for successful cultivation of this culture it is necessary to follow certain technology and recommendations accurately.

It is required to you

  • - sour special soil or zakislitel;
  • - several saplings of different grades;
  • - peat, sawdust, coniferous debris;
  • - garden tools.


1. Choose the place which is well lit and protected from winds on the site. Blueberry well grows only on the sour soil. Therefore prepare for planting of bushes of trench or landing holes – 60 cm wide and not less than 50 cm in depth. Fill them special to pochvosmesye (60% not deoxidated peat, 25% sand and 15% the garden earth). If underground waters stand close, execute good drainage.

2. Choose planting stock, proceeding from the zoned grades for your area and time of fructification. Normal saplings have to be half-meter height with well developed lobe of roots.

3. Land blueberry in the spring in early terms, before blooming of kidneys since at autumn disembarkation the bushes can freeze. Slightly bury saplings (at 5-10 cm) how they grew in nursery. You can well zamulchirovat the planted bushes peat, sawdust of coniferous breeds of trees or needles of hvoynik. The mulch warms roots of plants and prevents emergence of weeds under blueberry bushes.

4. In due time you carry out watering and weeding of young landings. Watering is especially important during maturing of berries and laying of flower kidneys (August). Several times during the season spill blueberry the acidified water (citric or oxalic acid 1 spoon on 10 liters).

5. Do not forget to carry out fertilizing of bushes by full mineral fertilizer to two time. Give the first fertilizing at the beginning of spring, and carry out the second at the end of June. The dose of fertilizers depends on age and the sizes of bush.

6. Do cutting in the early spring or late fall as necessary. At young plants in the first year of landing remove all floral kidneys. It will preserve forces of young bush. Generally at the fructifying blueberry cut out the infilling branches, the dry or broken escapes. You seek to create strong bush with 6-8 escapes. Delete all lying on the earth and sick branches.

7. Pick berries in several approaches because maturing at blueberry non-simultaneous. On average the productivity of one bush reaches 3 kg.

8. Prepare young bushes for the first wintering. Zamulchiruyte earth sawdust. Cover or tie bushes with coniferous fir twigs or spanbody. On spring remove shelters and razokuchta bushes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team