How to grow up crocus

How to grow up crocus

If you sometime walked on the wood at the very beginning of spring, then, most likely, saw this bright violet or lilac flower with gentle as if velvet, lobes. Crocus, as well as many primroses, it is possible to grow up most. And it is not as difficult to make it as it seems.


1. This flower is among all bulbous the most winter-hardy. Provide only as at you on the site this miracle will blossom suddenly – among gray is the earth or snow and the grass beginning to make the way. However to grow up crocus, it is worth having patience – process is long.

2. As you have already understood, crocuses grow up from bulbs. First of all, it is worth picking up competently the necessary grade – better if it are large-flowered grades. If you have decided to put at yourself several versions, land them separately – usually they grow different height, and will look alternately not really beautifully. If you want them to have blossomed at you at the same time, then choose bulbs about one size.

3. To grow up crocus, it is necessary to know technology of cultivation. Before planting the chosen bulbs, they need to be dried – take them at the room temperature about 3-4 days. Then, already dried, bulbs remove to the dark cool place and store at temperature from 3 to 9 degrees – in the fridge or the basement.

4. Vesennetsvetushchy crocuses land in September beginning of October therefore in the fridge it is better to remove them in August. During the cooling period you will see that bulbs have started up small sprouts – it means that they are ready to landing.

5. Choosing the place for disembarkation, you remember that crocuses love the places which are warmed up and lit with the sun, but not bad blossom also in the shaded place. Do not forget to adhere to distance between bulbs in 5-10 centimeters. Disembarkation depth at the same time varies depending on the size of bulbous tubers – big up to 10 centimeters, small and children – up to 3 centimeters. It is necessary to water flowers not really often – when drying top layer.

6. Put crocuses once – and they will please you some more years, without demanding change. However if you want flowers to breed better, it is worth replacing nevertheless them every year. By the way, in the same way the crocus can be grown up and houses in pot – then among winter you will be able already to admire these beautiful flowers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team