How to grow up flowers from seeds

How to grow up flowers from seeds

Today on sale there is set of seeds of various flowers. So why not to try to grow up them? The flower cultivation from seeds is very fascinating process. The gardener sees all stages of development of plant, feels involved in this miracle of the nature. But to receive beautiful flowers from seeds, the patience will be required.


1. First of all it is necessary to choose the correct seeds. Look at flowers on the picture of bag, esteem that is written on reverse side. For a start it is better to take unpretentious grades which do not demand special conditions of contents. Pay attention to the size of future plants, level of illumination necessary to them and watering, make sure that you will be able to provide it. Also it is necessary to make secure against low-quality seeds. It can be done, having read information on the producer. If the supplier specifies the address and phone, it is less than chances that seeds will not sprout.

2. Then it is necessary to prepare seeds for landing. Read the instruction – whether stratification or skarifikation is required to your seeds. If stratification is necessary, so it is necessary to sustain several months seeds in the friable damp soil at the lowered temperature. Skarifikation is necessary to seeds with firm cover. Accurately file it file, slightly, trying not to pierce through. If seeds dolgoprorastayushchy, wet them in solution of potassium permanganate, Epina, Fitosporina, then wrap seeds for 2-3 days in damp bandage.

3. Then seed seeds to the friable and damp soil, on small depth. It is better to use seedling box. If sunflower seeds small, them it is necessary to put on 1-2 mm if large – on 1 cm. From above cover box with transparent polyethylene or glass. Put to the warm place and wait for emergence of shoots. When from under the earth small green eyelets seem, carefully seat flowers together with earth lump (not to damage backs) on separate pots. Deliver pots to the sun, water and feed up plants.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team