How to grow up garlic in house conditions

How to grow up garlic in house conditions

Garlic is the vegetable culture having set of useful properties: it is widely used in cookery, traditional medicine and even cosmetology. But to receive rich harvest of garlic in house conditions, it is necessary to know how to look after this garden culture.

In house conditions grow up 2 types of garlic: winter and summer. Winter garlic is landed in the fall (September or October), in the spring it actively grows, and reap its crop in the summer. Such garlic till February is usually stored. Summer garlic is planted in the spring, and it harvest in the fall.

Landing of garlic

2-3 weeks in the fridge recommend to take sowing material. Before landing garlic is lowered in weak solution of permanganate of potassium (take 1 g of medicine on 1 l of water) or hydrochloric solution (on 7-8 l of water 3 tablespoons of salt are required). And in 8-10 hours prior to landing of lukovichka of garlic warm up in well aired room at temperature of 40 wasps - 41 wasps.

Garlic cannot be landed on low soils where the melt water can accumulate in the spring, and on heights where in winter time the strong wind blows off snow because of what the probability of destruction by frost of garlic is high.

On the site chosen under landing of garlic the earth is dug at the level of spade then the soil is leveled. The site is limited to sides: so the moisture, necessary for growth of garlic, will better remain. Then carry out disinfection of the soil: cultivate the land hydrochloric solution (on 9-10 l of water take 3 tablespoons of salt).

Heads of garlic separate into cloves, then each such clove insert into the earth at distance 8-10 cm from each other. From above powder bed with sand or sawdust. Water garlic and powder with the earth (if garlic is landed in the spring, it is optional to do it). Depth of landing of summer garlic of 4-6 cm, winter – 8-9 cm.

Features of care for garlic

For garlic recommend to use mineral and organic fertilizers. The site on which garlic has been landed in the fall is fertilized compost or humus (expense: 6-7 kg on 1 sq.m). But you should not fertilize plant fresh manure as such fertilizing will lead to the powerful growth of vegetative part and decrease in productivity. Besides, garlic is sympathetic on potash and phosphatic fertilizers: these elements increase winter hardiness of plant. In the spring after emergence of the first shoots the soil feed up mineral fertilizer: processing of the site of 10 sq.m requires 90-100 g of superphosphate, 60 g of ammonium nitrate and 55-60 g of sulfate of potassium. The second spring fertilizing is carried out 30 days later after the first (the same dosage).

Signs of maturity of garlic: the dense cover around head is formed, leaves turn yellow.

Though garlic badly transfers overwetting, during vegetation it needs to be watered constantly. The plant is watered once a week with impregnation of the soil on depth of 30 cm. In 27-30 days prior to harvesting the watering is stopped.

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