How to grow up jug yellow

How to grow up jug yellow

There are plants – hospital attendants on the soil, and there are that purify water in ponds. For example, the beautiful yellow jug which was fallen in love even to the people holding house aquariums is capable not only to purify water from seaweed and ooze, but also to oxygenate it.

Yellow jug - the grassy plant relating to group of water-lilies. It grows in various reservoirs, but by all means in clear water. The yellow jug, in fact, is hospital attendant of reservoirs, in the place of its dwelling water never blossoms, and blue-green seaweed do not breed. The yellow jug is very loved by gardeners who in the territory of garden have reservoir. The jug with success is used for gardening of the ponds which are especially shaded. The wide, floating on water surface leaves and bright yellow flowers are very decorative and decorate reservoir.

Jug – perennial plant with very developed rhizome and long thin roots. Breeds either self-sowing of seeds, or rhizome. The jug from May to September blossoms.

Preparation of seedling for reservoir

To put yellow jug in reservoir, during blossoming take piece of rhizome with kidney of growth and land in container on which bottom the layer of earth is filled. Soil is prepared from mix of clay and coarse sand. On it pour water layer not less than one centimeter and place piece of rhizome. That the root did not emerge, it is pressed small cargo. As soon as the plant takes roots, it together with container is placed in reservoir. The container is buried cargo.

Jug as window plant

One of types of yellow jug can be grown up in pot as window plant. For this purpose take piece of rhizome and put in pot with argillo-arenaceous mix. The soil has to be covered with water layer. The pot is placed on the light place, and, whenever possible, taken out on air in the summer. For half-month the ornamental plant with medium-sized yellow colors will grow.

Jug for aquarium

There is kind of yellow jug which is parted for gardening of aquariums. In aquarium part that type of jug which develops only at full immersion in water. These subspecies have translucent greenish leaves and threadlike roots. In process of growth of jug some leaves can emerge on aquarium water surface. They need to be cut off and deleted. Strongly branched rhizome is also cut off. For landing to bottom of bowl fill layer of clean bank sand not less than 7 cm high and place piece of rhizome which is pressed decorative cargo. Pay attention that this look does not demand bright lighting, but it is necessary to change water in aquarium each 10 days. All types of yellow jug are very decorative, though do not differ in splendor and beauty from water water-lily.

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