How to grow up marigold from seeds

How to grow up marigold from seeds

Summer residents very much love marigold for their solar look, bright paints, the magnificent and long period of blossoming. And besides these fine orange-yellow flowers unpretentious. Grow up marigold from seeds.


1. Marigold are afraid of frosts therefore plant seeds to the open ground in the middle or at the end of May (by this time the soil will get warm up to 10 wasps and the threat of frosts passes). In the loosened soil make grooves of 2-3 cm in depth (the distance between them has to be not less than 15 cm) and spread out in them seeds then from above powder with the earth and humidify crops. The ideal soil for cultivation of these flowers: 1 parts of humus, 1 part of the cespitose earth, 1 part of peat and 0.5 parts of sand. As a rule, the first shoots appear 5-7 days later after planting of seeds.

2. Remember that watering has to be moderate during growth of plant. During blossoming reduce it as, otherwise, there will be stagnation of moisture and the plant will get sick and will die. If in the afternoon strongly hot, water marigold in the evenings. Besides, weed weeds and loosen the soil that this charming plant could breathe.

3. During the vegetative period feed up marigold three times. Do the first fertilizing when height of plant is 8-9 cm. For this purpose part in 10 l of water 1 tablespoons "Agricola-7" and water with such solution marigold (expense of nutritious means: 2-3 l on sq.m.). At emergence of the first buds repeatedly feed up plant. This time part 1 tablespoon of sulfate of potassium and 1 tablespoon of superphosphate in the 10th waters (on 1 sq.m. use 2-3 l of this solution). During blossoming of marigold execute the third fertilizing (in 10 l of water part 2 tablespoons to nitrophoska and fertilize this solution 5 sq.m.).

4. Though marigold are appreciated by flower growers their ability to resist to some harmful insects and diseases, nevertheless the plant can sometimes be surprised gray decay, black leg and other fungal diseases. Usually it occurs during season of pouring rains. To save marigold from death, spray them with fungicides. During severe drought on seedlings the web tick can lodge. Save plant from this wrecker, regularly spraying seedlings with water.

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