How to save seedling from ""black leg"

How to save seedling from ""black leg"

Irrespective of experience, almost each summer resident at least once faced this trouble. Growing up any seedling in winter time, and especially entering into risk group: cabbage, tomatoes, pepper, eggplants, asters, petunia and other flower, it is necessary to be on the alert and not to allow fungal infection to strike green ""kids"".

Experienced farmers know that and seedling of ""black leg"" it is easier to prevent disease of seedlings, than then to spend time and forces on treatment. Knowing simple recommendations, it is possible to grow up strong seedling of favourite cultures.

There are simplest recommendations:

The soil which especially have excessive acidity – the main source of infection. Before crops add the deoxidating materials to soil soil. Here will approach: dolomite or lime powder, wood ashes. Prepare the soil in good time before crops, in 5-7-10 days that there have taken place processes of raskisleniye.

Apply biological means Gamair, Alirin who incorporate the bacteria suppressing spread of mushroom pathogenic soil infection. They are also brought in the soil before crops of seeds.

Sowing those cultures which need neutral reaction of the soil, and it is cabbage, asters, in addition bring potassium permanganate solution (or 0.4%, or Maxim are gray) for disinfection of the soil. Use of fitosporin has the preventive direction and at approach of disease will help with fight against "black leg" a little.

Dense crops, excessive soil moisture, not enough light is ideal atmosphere for flash of ""black leg"". Therefore, be not greedy, and sow necessary quantity of seedling, with small stock on unforeseen losses. Do not do dense, frequent crops.

After emergence of shoots, seedlings of ""risk group"" should pay bigger attention. The washed-out sand calcinated bank and ashes have well proved. Powder with sand the seeded seeds. Mix from sand and ashes is applied at emergence of seedlings from the earth, doing ""pillow"" around small stalk. Thereby intolerable conditions for flash of ""black leg"" are created.

Loosening and moderate watering, airing – important factors of protection against malicious disease.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team