How to grow up park roses

How to grow up park roses

Park roses differ from other types of the fellows not only exterior, but also the fact that begin to blossom other flowers much earlier. How to grow up park roses on the site? There are certain subtleties.

Park roses apply generally in gardening to creation of green hedge. But even separately they look very beautifully. Actually it is the normal cultivated dogroses. In comparison with other species of roses they have the large terry flowers consisting of set of lobes. Park roses begin to blossom at the end of May therefore their cultivation will decorate the site even at the moment when other plants have not begun to do it yet. At the same time they have the big height and dense escapes.

The choice of the place for landing and the main preferences

For cultivation of park roses it is necessary to pick up the good place. They prefer light solar sites which are far from big trees and are protected from direct winds. If to plant these roses in half-shade, then they will badly blossom. And in the presence of full shadow are infected with various diseases. Park roses perfectly grow on fertile and air-permeable soils. Otherwise it is necessary to pour surely mix of peat, sand and humus under them.

Landing of park roses

It is the best of all to plant park roses in the spring. At the same time surely on them shorten root system. The landing hole is dug by twice more than the volume of roots of plants and fill in it 1 bucket of humus, 15 g of superphosphate and 50 g of potash salt. Then roses put and powder with mulch for which use peat with sawdust. Further cut escapes and leave small elevated part. Park roses can be planted on one and also on several pieces for creation of green hedge. Then the distance between them has to reach one meter. After landing of plant it is abundant water.

Care for park roses

The main stages of care for them are spring cutting and the shelter for the winter.

Spring cutting is carried out in April. At the same time delete all dry and damaged branches and also shorten skeletal escapes on strong external kidney. The main escapes there have to be no more than ten pieces on one bush. It is also possible to carry out at this time the rejuvenating cutting which implies full shortening of all escapes to the bush basis. It will cause growth of new young growth over time.

It is optional to cover park roses for the winter. It concerns only young plants. For this purpose they are hilled the earth and enveloped ukryvny material in two layers, for example agrily. It will save plants from sharp temperature drops, in especially early spring.

During the entire period of growth, regular fertilizing is required for park roses. For this purpose surely use the complex mineral fertilizers intended for flowers. They are just closed up to the earth near plants, without concerning roots, on depth of 5-10 cm then carry out abundant watering. Such fertilizing arranges 2-3 times during the season.

Observance of all these rules allows to grow up beautiful park roses on the site.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team