What grades there is pumpkin

What grades there is pumpkin

All pumpkin is good. Its very tasty and useful fruits are vitamin-rich also minerals. At the same time there is huge variety of this plant, it not only table pumpkins, but also decorative types.

Types of pumpkin

In the world there are about 20 types of pumpkin. In the nature this plant meets in South America, Africa and Asia and as the crop pumpkin is grown up worldwide.

There are one-year and long-term pumpkins. It is most widespread ordinary, sometimes it is called kitchen or table. This look includes more than 100 versions and huge number of grades from edible to decorative.

Among long-term types the most known are pumpkin figolistny. The plant has received the name thanks to the leaves similar to foliage of fig tree. Fruits at this pumpkin quite large, and pulp sweet. Unlike plant, usual for us, at this look seeds of black color. One more long-term type of pumpkins — smelly. At fruits of this plant very bitter taste, and is not normal pumpkin fruits in our understanding, and root crops. They dark green color and quite small, of the size of egg.

Grades of table pumpkin

Long-term types in our country are not cultivated, they need special conditions therefore follows will dwell upon the description of grades of table or ordinary pumpkin. In total 20 grades, including early, by average and late-ripening are under our conditions acclimatized. One of the most popular grades of pumpkin is "Vitamin". Its lezhky fruits, do not waste presentation long time. Pumpkin is appreciated tasty and fragrant pulp which contains large amount of carotene. Differ in high return of harvest of pumpkin of grades "Volga gray" and "Gribovsky winter". The first grade is very resistant to the droughty periods, pulp sweet and fleshy. Fruits roundish and large, reach 30 kg. At grade pumpkin "Gribovsky winter" also very large fruits of slightly flat form. Pulp juicy and sweetish on taste. Fruits at mamontovy pumpkins are beautiful. They have bright orange coloring and the huge sizes. It is possible to distinguish from grades of this type of pumpkins Goliath, "Big Mun" and "Titanium". Perhaps, the most tasty fruits from all known table grades of pumpkins at "Marble". Its sweet pulp can be eaten even in the raw.

Types and grades of decorative pumpkins

Chalmovidny, bottle, pear-shaped, koronoobrazny, hilly and with smooth thin skin. There is huge variety of exotic decorative pumpkins which are capable to decorate the site and to introduce special highlight. One of them - lagenariya or crockery pumpkin. This very ornamental plant with unusual fruits in the form of bottle. Very effective fruits with which it is possible to decorate table or to make souvenirs at grade "The Turkish turban", unusual form in the form of star at pumpkin which and is called "Stars". Grade fruits "Orange sphere" resemble oranges superficially. They can be grown up both in garden, and in container on the balcony or verandah.

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