How to make the greenhouse thermos

How to make the greenhouse thermos

Fresh vegetables and greens in winter time on table moreover grown up on beds in own greenhouse, really are pleasing to the eye and makes up for appetite at members of household. If in your property there is even small parcel, then to build the greenhouse thermos independently will not make special difficulties.

It is required to you

  • - metal-cutting tool,
  • - welding machine,
  • - metal section with a section of 40Х25 mm.


1. Any construction begins with the choice of the place for arrangement of constructed facility. Then on earth surface the marking under future greenhouse is carried out. Pegs note its length and width, at the same time it is necessary to pay special attention to diagonals: trying to obtain identical sizes for them – you create rectangle of the correct geometrical form that is key parameter in any construction.

2. For the greenhouse on homestead site, according to most of gardeners, the construction eight meters wide is recognized as the optimum size.

3. Further it is necessary to calculate quantity of farms and support for them. After the first metal construction, having receded two meters, the second is established, then at distance of three meters from the second farm the subsequent are mounted. After penultimate recede two meters and establish the last support.

4. Production of farms is the second most important moment of construction. Technology in this case following: on plain surface the pegs note width of the greenhouse which will become farm length (8 m in our case).

5. Then draw the radius of the top arch of farm (height of 1 m on the center of the lower support), and hammer five couples of pegs, having designated projection of upper part of design then lay it in pegs and weld farm.

6. Between the upper and lower part of product place and weld, at least, three crossing points (they disperse from below up).

7. All other farms are made by method of imposing of preparations on ready design.

8. In soil, according to marking, strictly vertically, supporting poles which upper edge on perimeter is evened on horizontal level by "Bulgarian" are hammered.

9. The farms strengthened by kerchiefs are welded on support. Then to them from above and from sides of racks sheets of cellular polycarbonate fasten. As a result you become the owner of the greenhouse thermos.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team