How to increase fertility of the soil by means of earthworms

How to increase fertility of the soil by means of earthworms

For obtaining the best effect of restoration of soil cover earthworms can help. Exactly thanks to them it is possible to receive natural natural fertilizers, supplementing organic.


1. Despite the fact that the soil is exposed to oval method of processing, introduction of mineral fertilizers and also pesticides and herbicides it can become unsuitable for cultivation of products in very short period. On revival of fertile layer, restoration of all its necessary components under natural conditions can demand up to 300 years. Entering into the soil of various elements within ten years can destroy all fertile layer. Many of gardeners are sure that introduction of manure or compost will allow to return to the soil the properties, however this process borrows much more time with low performance level.

2. Bringing various hazardous substances out of the soil with microbic weight, earthworms with various invertebrates living in the soil create optimal conditions for growth of new plants. Biotechnology use by perhaps own efforts. Here main stages of obtaining verimkompost.

3. It is necessary to carry out purchase or to make independently two boxes, on each side which openings will be located. At the bottom of boxes of opening will perform function of removal of the excessive moisture or water which is formed in the course of abundant waterings.

4. The acquired earthworms should be placed at the bottom of one of box over straw and the collected dry and rotting-through foliage. At the same time it is necessary to remember undesirability of use of leaves of oak and poplar since the first possess tannins, and the second contribute to the development of alkaline reaction. In both cases the process of receiving will be complicated. Substrate has to have the neutral acid environment, and from above it is necessary to cover box with damp rag from cotton or linen fabric. It is regularly desirable to make wetting of rag.

5. Upon purchase of compost which supports large number of earthworms it is necessary to specify possible options of power supply of these worms at the seller. It is caused by need of preparation and acquisition of similar fertilizing.

6. For prevention of overheating and drying of boxes it is necessary to place them in the shady environment near plants, trees or constructions. It is caused by the fact that constant humidity – guarantee of the fastest reproduction of earthworms.

7. At fertilizing vykladyvaniye the earthworms can use or periodic way of podkladyvaniye every day about 15 cm of top layer, or to make fertilizing once a week.

8. At the onset of cold weather the box needs to be covered with straw layer, however it is necessary to consider that straw can be optimal variant for accommodation of mice.

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