How to increase harvest

How to increase harvest

Even from small kitchen gardens there is a wish to receive top yield. It is possible to achieve it without any problem, the main thing correctly and in time to look after plants during their growth and maturing. Skilled summer residents do not worry because they have three hundred parts of the earth - they receive from them harvest which not always grows also on 6 hundred parts.


1. Plant always only qualitative and large seeds. The quality of seeds is higher, the quicker they sprout and are not ill, so and the harvest ripens in time. Surely sow all plants which need to be sowed previously in boxes which establish on windowsills. It is possible to use also tables, but in this case additional lighting is necessary, without 12 hour days the plants grow badly.

2. Plant plants to the open ground only after decrease in threat of frosts. If they die, to grow up new seedling it will not turn out any more. And in regions with short summer to grow up vegetables without previously bred seedling will not leave, cold weather comes earlier full ripening of fruits.

3. In time weed landings. Weeds slow down growth and forming of plants. After weeding you loosen the earth that it absorbed water better and oxygen will arrive to roots of vegetables and ripening will happen quicker, and the harvest will turn out more.

4. Process leaves from wreckers. If green part of plant is damaged, fruits have no place to take nutrients as in tops of vegetable they derive strength. Processing should be made in process of appearance of wreckers and then as prevention in 1-2 weeks.

5. During blossoming open greenhouse windows that the flying insects pollinated flowers. If windows do not open, use specially means which promotes controlled pollination. It is possible to buy it in gardening shops and most often under the name "Ovary".

6. Do not forget and fertilize plants. They need fertilizing by mineral additives, especially on often planted lands. You can use complex fertilizers, wood ashes or humus (manure). But strictly observe the recommended introduction doses, otherwise plants can die. You watch dosage on reverse side of packing.

7. In time reap crop. Exactly in recent days before collecting there is rapid growth and the fruits removed slightly earlier have smaller weight, than those that stayed in the earth about the necessary day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team