What plants cannot be planted at the dacha

What plants cannot be planted at the dacha

Coming out in the spring to the dacha, practically each family tries to improve the territory and to bring order on the site. If there is excess earth, then most of hostesses to seek to occupy it with flowers and ornamental plants, there is nothing better, than abundance of greens and the soaring pleasant aroma.

Selecting plants for landing, most of people are based on personal preferences, without knowing that the beautiful bush or flower can do much harm to health and even to lead to lethal outcome.

Snowdrops - the first spring florets which simvolirziut the termination of winter. It is not desirable to put them on personal plot as fruits and bulbs at them are poisonous. If to knead flower in hands, and then not to wash up them with soap, it is possible to get nausea, vomiting, and in exceptional case and damage of kidneys.

Elder meets in our strip in two types - black and red. From the first cook kissels and add it to desserts, the second is capable to cause disorder of digestion.

Monk's-hood - flower with blue or violet colors. At direct contact with integuments causes the strongest inflammation. It is caused by the fact that all parts of plant, except stalk contain poisonous alkaloids. At long inhalation of flower aroma, this poison can cause damage of heart, lungs and nervous system.

The belladonna is also not absolutely safe. The contact with leaves of plant causes strong skin inflammations, and fruits are poisonous. At accidental consumption of berries of belladonna there can be nausea, headache, vomiting and diarrhea.

Buttercups - small yellow and in appearance absolutely harmless florets. However people of advanced age called buttercups - ""night blindnesses"". This second name has appeared at plant not accidentally. The juice which has got into eyes causes inflammation of mucous membranes, and at integuments increases sensitivity to solar ultraviolet.

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