How to increase harvest at the correct watering

How to increase harvest at the correct watering

The summer - is time forming and maturing of fruits. It is possible to increase harvest or to lose. Right now it is important to water competently plants, to observe water balance.

It seems that here difficult: take watering can, yes water hose on health. But it appears, watering in various weather conditions is represented the whole science. There are general rules when than and how to water garden cultures.

1.   The time or not to water? If the earth at depth of three centimeters damp, it is possible to hold off watering. It is better to sprinkle the dry soil at first water, and then to water it is abundant. You watch that when watering pools were not formed.

2.   In the morning or to water in the evening? It is better to water in the morning, moisture will manage to be absorbed and there will be less evaporations. Watering is dangerous by spread of fungal diseases in the evening. Abundant watering will not allow to be absorbed to moisture at night and the excessive dampness will appear.

3.   To water at the roots or from above? The majority of cultures should be watered at the roots, otherwise there can be threat of developing of fungal diseases.

4.   Cold or warm water is necessary? Plants like to drink the water which has settled, warmed up by the sun. Such water is more oxygenated. And here from cold water the backs of plants die off.

5.   How to deliver water to massive, long roots? To the taken roots plants, with well developed root system the deep watering is necessary. Such watering can be provided, having made thin stream of water in hose and having put it at the roots. Water slowly comes to the soil well humidifying it.

6.   Whether watering frequency depends on the soil? Properties of the soil are considered surely when watering. Clay soils hold moisture better and consequently pour down less often. Sandy demand more frequent waterings.

7.   How to hold moisture? In several hours after watering neobkhodivo to loosen or zamulchirovat the soil. It will interfere with moisture volatilization. But when loosening do not allow exposure of roots.

8.   It is more than water – more harvest? A lot of water does not mean good harvest. Plants perish from modulation more often, than from the land. Watering kitchen garden, know when to stop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team