How to issue beautifully seasonal dacha

How to issue beautifully seasonal dacha

Now giving is not only the place of high-powered work on beds, but also great way to have a rest from work in the fresh air. The seasonal dacha, even the smallest, can become charming oasis and subject of your pride. If you have no available funds for arrangement of the earth, it can be done and by means of old home decoration and cheap finishing means.

It is required to you

  • - material for paths;
  • - artificial reservoir;
  • - garden furniture;
  • - hammock or sun bed;
  • - old ware for creation of decor.


1. First of all, separate the site into zones so that to you it was convenient and comfortable to have a rest and work. Draw for convenience the plan on paper, draw on it country house and, already relying on its arrangement, find the place for beds and entertainments. For landings it is better to allocate the site near capacity for water, solar and equal.

2. That beds looked beautifully, separate them from paths brick, stones or special combined fences. Do not do long and inaccurate furrows of landings, break the place for them into small squares or triangles. For garter of vegetables use identical stylish pegs and strings.

3. Plan arrangement of system of paths. Trim them with paving slabs or flat stone. The posypaniye of footpaths sand and small crushed stone will be cheaper option.

4. In the open air make lunch zone closer to lodge that you did not need to carry ware and products far. In shops there is wide choice of country furniture from expensive shod models to cheap plastic sets with folding umbrellas. Near this corner equip brazier, it can be put the hands from stone or brick.

5. The reservoir or fountain will make your seasonal dacha very cozy and attractive. Their device does not require a lot of money too as basis it is possible to use old bathtub or just thick piece of polyethylene. Impose edge of the driven capacity with natural stone, plant plants which love water. Disguise the motor for garden fountain composition from the old painted teapot and various ceramic objects.

6. Water will quickly not evaporate if you surround South side of the improvised reservoir with bushes or low trees. For bigger decorative effect put underwater lamps on bottom.

7. Suspend between two trees rope hammock with bright charming pillows or put sun bed. Instead of garden sculptures it is possible to use stumps with the old Tazy who are put on them. Paint tanks under hats of fly agarics.

8. As the most popular decoration of the seasonal dacha serve flowers which are pleasing to the eye all season. Plant different plants that blossoming lasted from early spring to late fall.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team