How to issue windows independently

How to issue windows independently

Registration of window, extraordinary important task since they supplement any interior. Not correctly picked up curtains can spoil all image of the room.


1. The good expert competently will approach objective, will pick up color, texture of material, and of course, will not miss opportunity to work over design. Working on interior independently, it is necessary to follow some rules.

2. It is better not to use services of the designer in curtains, it is enough to use the master in tailoring. Most often artists on windows try to blow the mind of the customer, at the same time use difficult finishings and expensive material. Not small means will be as a result spent, and the updated apartment will hardly become harmonious.

3. Essentially refuse lambrequins. This registration approaches palace halls. Rooms which have ceilings lower than 6 meters and the area there is less basketball hall, will not sustain such registration, will ugly look. Stylish curtains can be chosen independently. First of all, decide on length, color, the drawing and material.

4. Curtains make of natural, artificial and mixed fabrics. Practical and universal the option from mix of cotton or silk with polyester is considered. It is easy to erase and iron such product, it does not change form and color. Curtains from 100% of natural fabrics quickly fade, especially on sunny sides.

5. Material selection and its textures has to be based on own preferences. Wishing to receive more light and air in the room, choose light and transparent materials. It is organza, batiste. Silk and taffeta are less transparent, but these fabrics smartly gather in folds. Linen, velvet, wool, are suitable for rooms where want to create cozy elegant interior. Such fabrics well protect from bright light.

6. Length of curtains, not unimportant part during creation of the beautiful room. Too short curtains, not rare mistake. The easy cloth has to create some fold on floor. Dense and heavy fabric has to reach floor.

7. The arrangement of eaves also affects exterior of the room. In low rooms with small windows, you fix eaves under ceiling at once. This reception will visually increase space.

8. Color of gardinny cloth can be chosen more dark or is lighter than walls. Will not become mistake if curtains approach upholstery of upholstered furniture, carpet or decorative elements of the room. Having chosen curtains in tone of walls, receive some merge, but the room will visually extend. For small rooms, it is acceptable reception.

9. Fabric without the drawing – sure bet. Such curtains are suitable for rooms with various jewelry. It is better to combine curtains with the drawing with patterns on carpet or upholstered furniture. It is important not to overload interior with color and texture. Having thought over various nuances at registration of windows, you will be able elegantly to add room interior.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team