How to learn to work with electric welding

How to learn to work with electric welding

Welding is widely applied in life. It is necessary to connect parts welding at renovation of apartment or dacha, service of motor transport or agricultural machinery. If you do not want to depend on professional welders, try to learn to work with electric welding independently.

It is required to you

  • - device for electric welding;
  • - electrodes;
  • - protective clothing and gloves;
  • - mask of the welder;
  • - pieces of metal.


1. Buy the equipment for electric welding. It can be the small welding machine or the inverter. The device for electric welding has to have continuous adjustment of working current. Current intensity is crucial for effective ignition of welding arch and its maintenance. Get acquainted with the device of the welding machine and study the technical documentation attached to it.

2. Get also welding shield for eyes or special mask of the welder. The electric arc during welding emits powerful stream of ultra-violet radiation which harmfully affects integuments of the person. Besides, during connection of parts the particles of metal and spark capable to injure eyes fly to the parties. Also gloves and suit from dense material, for example from tarpaulin will be not superfluous.

3. Begin to study work with electric welding from the most widespread electrodes with a diameter of 3 mm. Thinner electrodes are used for connection of small parts, and electrodes are more largely applied in life rather seldom as demand powerful current network.

4. Do not try to weld something necessary and useful at once. At the first experiments you for certain should spoil several preparations. Experiment on unusable metal parts and waste of metal.

5. Attach clip with earth wire to piece of work and insert electrode in the holder. Choose current which corresponds to diameter of electrode.

6. Establish electrode almost at right angle to the surface of preparation, but nevertheless with some inclination. Smoothly carry out by electrode on part that the uniform sheaf of sparks was formed. Now once again touch piece of work and at once raise electrode on 3-4 mm. Achieve that the arch melting preparation metal was formed.

7. Move electrode across, supporting uniform gap between it and part. If the electrode sticks to surface, slightly rock it aside, having renewed arch, and then try to increase current intensity a little. For mastering skills of welding you, perhaps, need to use not one dozen electrodes. In process of experience accumulation the arch will turn out steadier, and weld – clean and equal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team