How to level wall two layers of putty

How to level wall two layers of putty

The majority of finishing materials for finishing of walls demands that under them the smooth and plain surface has been provided. Usually initially the wall has no sufficient smoothness. At it surely there are height differences which should be eliminated. It is possible to level surface by means of different materials. But especially qualitative the result will be if for this purpose to use putty. How to level walls such structure?

Preparation of wall for puttying

Still before the putty will begin to be put, the surface has to be prepared. At first worn-out finishing is eliminated, and pollution found under it are cleaned off. It is necessary to cover with finishing mortar slots, cracks or considerable hollows further. After that the wall becomes covered with primer which is intended for improvement of skhvatyvaniye between surface and construction structure. When soil dries, it is possible to pass to puttying.

Drawing first layer of putty

It is necessary to explain that the putty for alignment is different. Two main categories – starting and finishing putty. It is necessary to begin alignment with drawing the first. It helps to eliminate the most noticeable roughnesses, without making great efforts. The coarse-grained structure therefore it is not necessary to try to receive by means of it ideally smooth basis is characteristic of starting putty.

The structure is caused with such layer that height differences as a result were no more than 2-3 mm on 1 sq.m of surface. When drawing the simple wide palette is used. When the layer dries, it is grounded surely that the leveling material which will be applied further was well taken.

Drawing second layer of putty

To get rid of the minimum roughnesses it will turn out if to cover wall with finishing putty. The fine-grained structure therefore at qualitative treatment of such material it will be possible to achieve ideally equal basis is inherent to it. The finishing putty is put with layer in several millimeters. To eliminate the remained roughnesses and insignificant roughnesses, this layer is rubbed clean abrasive paper.

It is possible to apply finishing materials on the leveled wall. But, if it is paint or wall-paper, the basis should be progruntovat. Observing similar technology, the owner will surely receive great result of repair work. At least, every chance for high-quality finishing at it will appear.

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