How to look after house orchid

How to look after house orchid

The orchid - one of fine plants, flower reminds it butterfly. The name comes from the Greek word phalaina that in translation the moth means. From Latin its scientific name sounds as phalaenopsis.

Before purchase of phalaenopsis, first of all place emphasis on its roots, they have to be normal green color with silvery shade. There should be no hints on the fact that it decays. Choose plant in transparent pot, there you can make out its substrate completely. Color of leaves has to be green, without any spots.

After purchase of orchid create it comfortable conditions of the house. Lighting for flower has to be sufficient, but without direct beams. At lack of lighting phalaenopsis will not blossom. Temperature has to fluctuate from +15 to +30 degrees of heat. In the afternoon temperature has to be higher, to +26 degrees, and at night below, about +18 degrees, but you should not forget that orchids love high humidity.

When watering orchid it is necessary to consider such factors: substrate has to be always slightly damp; when weather cloudy or rainy, watering has to be reduced; stagnation of moisture plant is not transferred, roots begin to decay; it is necessary to use only soft water.

For the correct and normal development of such plant it is very important to feed up him in time. In warm season of substerns has to be every week, and in the rest of the time two times a month. It is better to use fertilizers not for roots, and spraying. If you wish to increase splendor of the plant, cut off the whisks which have faded approximately at average height.

The plant not really loves change, try to do it as seldom as possible. Roots of phalaenopsis need a lot of air therefore substrate has to be rather large. It is better to plant plant in transparent pots, and below at pot to make openings that roots were well aired and did not stand. If your orchid sits in such pot, you can watch substrate, between waterings it has to dry out.

There are such cases that phalaenopsis is visited by wreckers. It can be the plant louse or chervenets. Very often there are fungal infections. There is it because of excessive watering, the wrong substrate or the wrong conditions. If such disease has visited also your orchid, process it fungicide medicine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team