How to look after potatoes

How to look after potatoes

Potatoes - the main of vegetables which is grown up by peasants and summer residents. Everyone seeks to reap good harvest that was enough for long winter. Potatoes do not demand special care, but also you should not throw beds absolutely.

Potatoes are planted and the look pleases with strong green shoots. And, apparently, that it's done, it is possible to wait for harvest. Actually, everything only begins. To receive good harvest, it is necessary to try.

Weeding and loosening

It is necessary to weed potatoes every three weeks, first, it will not allow weeds to expand and take away from root crop nutrients, and secondly, will destroy earth crust and will improve power supply of tubers. By the way, it is not obligatory to remove grass at all, it will serve as mulch and will protect the soil from drying and repeated weeds.


Potatoes are very not exacting to watering. It is not necessary to splash every week it from hose, it is enough to ulit properly 3-4 times during the season, but the soil has to be drenched centimeters on 20-30. Experienced vegetable growers advise the first time to water after emergence of shoots, the second - after emergence of buds and the third when potatoes fade. If summer very hot and droughty, it is possible to water in addition several times.

Diseases and wreckers

That on plant the phytophthora has not developed, the tops of vegetable of potatoes needs to be sprayed with the Bordeaux liquid or solution of fitosporin. It is necessary to do it with frequency of times in two weeks. The main wrecker for potato tops of vegetable is the Colorado beetle. He is capable to destroy for very short time the big areas of fresh shoots and mature bushes too. Those at whom potatoes is put very little bring together bugs by hands, but in big squares without chemistry, unfortunately, not to manage.


For periodic mineral, nitric, green and so forth fertilizing potatoes will be very grateful, but, the main thing not to forget that it is necessary to fertilize only after emergence bud. Early fertilizing will provoke the strengthened growth of tops of vegetable, but not tubers.

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