How to look after remontant raspberry

How to look after remontant raspberry

Many owners of personal plots, growing up raspberry, give preference to remontant grades of this shrubby plant. Such gardeners can be understood as remontant raspberry, unlike ordinary, can fructify two times a year.

Raspberry, as well as any other garden culture, will please with the tasty fruits only at the correct leaving. If to speak specifically about remontant grades of this bush, then care for it comes down to timely mulching, scarification and watering.


Timely mulching is the key to rich harvest, it is necessary to make this simple procedure in autumn months – it is desirable before the first frosts.

What designates this unusual word? In fact, mulching is nothing but the shelter of the soil around plant which purpose consists in protection of its root system in the ice cold winter, support of uniform temperature of the soil in hot summer months, preservation of necessary moisture and prevention of growth of weeds. When carrying out mulching the soil around plant (diameter of mulch can be 30-50 centimeters) takes cover layer of humus, peat, sawdust, hay, compost, the crushed stalks of plants and other natural materials. It is possible to apply to mulching also some synthetic materials which can be bought in shops for gardeners. It can be black polyethylene film (black it is applied in order that through it sunlight did not get) or special fabrics on the basis of synthetic fiber: "lutrasit", "agrit", "agrospa", "spunbond" and others.

Loosening and timely watering

To receive from bush of remontant raspberry good harvest two times a year, it is necessary to make thorough loosening and weeding of soil around plant. The purpose of these simple procedures is in providing free access of air to the root system of bush of raspberry, thereby having created favorable conditions for development in the soil of various useful microorganisms. It is necessary to loosen the soil in the early spring – before the first kidneys are dismissed. The best tool for loosening is the small mattock by means of which it is possible to process easily the soil on depth of 10-15 centimeters. Summer loosening and weeding of the soil it is made to destroy sprouts of agrestal plants near bush: creeping wheat grass, orach and other. Remontant raspberry very much loves moisture therefore it needs to be watered often. Especially thorough, daily watering should be made in hot summer months. It is necessary to saturate raspberry with reviver both during blossoming, and during maturing of fruits, and after harvesting.

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