How to look after the Chinese rose

How to look after the Chinese rose

The Chinese rose represents evergreen bush with beautiful large buds. This plant in nature reaches six-meter height, for cultivation in house conditions undersized grades of hibiscus are removed. The Chinese rose, as well as many other plants, requires special care.


1. The Chinese rose is rather hardy, small errors can pass in leaving without visible consequences. For abundant blossoming the hibiscus needs to be grown up in the solar place, at window. However it is necessary to consider that moment that the scorching beams of the sun can cause burns of leaves. If to put pot with plant in the depth of the room, then it will poorly blossom or will not give buds at all.

2. Provide the Chinese rose good drenazhy, fill layer of beaten crocks or haydite on pot bottom. The hibiscus loves moisture therefore it demands in warm season of abundant watering (each three days). In the winter waterings need to be reduced, but you watch that the earth lump did not dry up. The dryness of air oppresses the Chinese rose, for maintenance of good condition spray leaves with warm and soft water from spray. In the winter air temperature should not be lower 12oc, optimum air temperature in the summer for cultivation of hibiscus - 20-22oc. At sharp changes of intensity of lighting or temperature condition the Chinese rose begins to dump leaves and buds.

3. Since the spring and to the middle of September it is recommended to feed up each ten days the Chinese rose solution of mineral or organic fertilizers. The young hibiscus should be replaced every year in the spring in nutritious and quite dense earth mix (the soil has to consist of the cespitose, humous and peaty earth with addition of sand and bone meal). If the pot too big, hibiscus begins to give only new leaves. After change at once cut plant, so you will increase decorative effect of krone, stimulate development of young escapes which form further flowers.

4. Make multiple copies the Chinese rose in the spring and in the summer by means of top shanks. When rooting it is necessary to cover shanks with glass jar. At insufficient leaving on hibiscus the plant louse can appear, at dry air the Chinese rose is damaged by web tick. Regularly wash plant warm water, moisten air. At severe infection it is necessary to process hibiscus special means which can be got in shop for summer residents and flower growers.

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