How to make fountain

How to make fountain

The fountain always decorates that space where it is, whether it be the dacha, the apartment or office. Looking at fountain, it is possible will relax and to distract from cares, to have a rest soul. Therefore various fountains are so relevant today. It is possible to make fountain the hands.

It is required to you

  • High vessel in the form of cone, 3 round supports under flowerpots of different size, 6 wooden ""kruglyashk"" with a diameter of 7 cm, 2 cm high, stones of the different size, the pump for water circulation, plastic tubes with a diameter of 4-2 mm, drill, drills for ceramics, scissors, all-purpose adhesive.


1. Stick together with each other wooden kruglyashka so that they have been slightly shifted rather each other. Thus you will prepare the bases for round supports under flowerpots. One basis has to consist of three ""kruglyashk"", and another – of two. When glue completely dries, drill sideways bottom of big support the hole corresponding to diameter of plastic tube.

2. On support bottom under pots put small pebbles. From above put the pump with telescopicly tubed. Further put larger stones. Quite plain surface has to turn out. Now it is possible to do cascade fountain. For this purpose steady steps it is necessary to build cascade. On the basis of one wooden kruglyashk fix small support for pots, on the basis from two checkers – average, on the basis from three - big. Then insert plastic tube from the pump into the drilled hole.

3. Then by means of glue attach each basis to stone on which it is located. Then surely fix plastic tube in hole by means of silicone. Now pour water, decorate fountain with plants and admire. The fountain made with own hands will bring joy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team