How to make furniture for Barbie

How to make furniture for Barbie

In toy stores it is possible to buy without problems furniture for Barbie doll, but it costs expensive and besides can easily break in the course of the game. The loving parents are not always able to buy all toys to which the child decided to point by finger, but so there is a wish to please it sometimes with new toy.

It is required to you

  • boxes from under footwear and candies, plasticine, the gluing tape, ruler, scissors, 2 plastic bottles, 2 pencils, paper for children's creativity, rags of fabric and lace.


1. To make stylish chair for doll, it is necessary to cut off obliquely bottom at plastic bottle as follows: make mark pencil at distance of twelve cm from bottom on the one side of bottle (it will be back of future chair). And on the other hand – at the height of five cm from bottom. Make an incision bottle knife and further cut off it obliquely scissors, observing marking on bottle. The chair is ready. Now it is possible to put small small pillow on bottom of plastic chair and to cover it with cape.

2. For production of floor lamp you also need half liter plastic bottle, the pencil or tubule for cocktail, scraps of ribbon lace for finishing and scissors are a little plasticine. We cut off at bottle exactly bottom (it is floor lamp support) and neck around bottle "coat hanger" (it is lamp shade basis). To bottom of support paste pencil by means of plasticine, and on the other hand attach lamp shade basis. Put on the lamp shade the cover collected by accordion and fixed by thread around stopper.

3. Table for Barbie it is possible empty box from under candies, having cut out from it table-top and having pasted from two sides of leg support. It is necessary to paste, having made small bend of cardboard from top side of legs, to the improvised table-top.

4. The cabinet can be made of shoe box where the cover of box cut lengthways will serve as doors (side bends of cover will need to be cut off). It is necessary to attach doors to the main box by means of the gluing tape from the inside. The crossbeam for hangers can be made of pencil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team