How to make garden decor with own hands

How to make garden decor with own hands

One of tasks which should be solved at production of garden decor is in creating the ornament which is not contradicting style of registration of the site. At the same time material selection and the equipment in which the decorative element will be made depends on imagination and skills of the author.

It is required to you

  • - universal spray paint;
  • - painting adhesive tape;
  • - flat roundish stones;
  • - metal rod;
  • - clay pots.


1. Ornament which will serve as color spot on monophonic equal lawn can be made of flat stones of rounded shape, having painted them under bright bugs. Wash up preparations and well dry up. The composition will turn out expressive if you find four-five suitable stones of the different size.

2. Paint over white or yellow spray paint part of stone where there will be eyes of future bug and leave preparation to dry. As a rule, two-four hours for this purpose are required.

3. Cut out from painting adhesive tape pieces, the size and form coinciding with eyes of bug. Paste tape on sites of the painted stone where there have to be eyes. The adhesive tape will allow to keep color when drawing the following coats of paint.

4. Take dye of other color and process the surface of preparation in the locations of other small parts. If you paint stone under ladybug, process places where there will be head and black spots. Having allowed the following layer to dry, cut out from adhesive tape cliches in the form of spots and the head. Paste them on stone in the right places.

5. Paint over all surface of stone in background color. Wait for full drying of structure and unstick painting adhesive tape. If you have made several bugs, decompose them on lawn of one behind another so that the largest ahead lay, and at the end of row - the fact that most less.

6. It is possible to make ornament for the site issued in style of country or colonial of metal rod and clay pots. Both ceramic tanks, and plants placed in them can be decorative element in such design. Choose several clay flowerpots with a diameter about twenty centimeters and metal rod with a diameter about one and a half-two centimeters.

7. Drive rod which will play role of support of all design, to the earth on third of its length. Put on the first pot rod bottom up. If the drainage hole of capacity has appeared slightly less than diameter of support, expand it with narrow file.

8. String other pots on rod bottom down. In each of tanks fill layer of drainage, the garden earth and plant ornamental or spicy plants. When filling pots soil reject them in different directions from the center so that the top capacity leaned on edge of lower. In droughty weather such flower bed will demand frequent watering as the soil in clay pots quickly enough dries up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team