How to make garden furniture

How to make garden furniture

Normal house household furniture is very sensitive to conditions in which it is operated. Badly transfers direct sunshine and atmospheric precipitation. It is better to make table in garden or the front garden most. As a rule, do such furniture of wooden boards. It will long serve you.

It is required to you

  • 12 boards 120 mm wide 1800 mm long, 2 boards 150 mm wide 1800 mm long, 2 boards 130 mm wide 800 mm long, 4 boards 150 mm wide 900 mm long (thickness of all boards of 40 mm), drill, drill with a diameter of 4 mm, screw-driver, self-tapping screws 4×75, electrofret saw.


1. Collect 2 identical load-bearing frameworks. For this purpose put board 130 mm wide 800 mm long on plain horizontal surface. It will be basic board of table-top. Parallel to it at distance of 270 mm put board 150 mm wide 1800 mm long. The middle of boards have to coincide, that is edges of long board have to support edge short on 500 mm from each party. Over them on diagonal put board 150 mm wide 900 mm long (it will be table leg). One edge of this board has to coincide with edge of board 800 mm long and lay down on board 1800 mm long at distance of 380 mm from its upper edge. On the other side of board 800 mm long symmetrically the first board put the second board 900 mm long. The design reminding form the correct trapeze has to turn out.

2. Connect boards among themselves self-tapping screws. Previously drill in the top board of opening under each self-tapping screw drill on 4 mm. For connection of each knot use not less than 5 self-tapping screws. Put and fix by make-shifts in vertical position both frameworks so what the distance between their outer edges would be equal to 1500 mm. On boards 800 mm long put 6 boards 120 mm wide, connecting them both frameworks. Between them make gap of 16 mm. Combine edges of extreme boards with edge of cross boards (length of 800 mm). Level overhang of faces of boards of table-top (from each party the overhang has to be equal to 150 mm). Mark also to posverlita in opening table-top boards under self-tapping screws (2 self-tapping screws on board from each edge). Fasten table-top board self-tapping screws to basic boards.

3. On protruding edges of boards of framework put 3 boards 120 mm wide from each party. Gap between them make equal 10 mm. Combine faces of boards with faces of boards of table-top. Mark and posverlit openings under screws. Fasten boards. Mark and cut off the fret saw the lower speakers corners of legs so that they laid down on floor surface on all length of face. Mark and round off the fret saw faces of all boards of table-top and shops on both sides. If desired cut the fret saw pattern on basic boards of table-top and shops.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team