How to make key on the lock

How to make key on the lock

In case of loss of key from the door lock you should not break open door at once, it is possible to try to make the duplicate. It is good when the spare key is available; in this case duplicating easily to make on this sample. But if the lost key was unique, it is necessary to use other methods of its restoration.

It is required to you

  • - pigs for key;
  • - file or file;
  • - bench screw;
  • - nippers.


1. Use directly lock for production of new key. Such way in practice of emergency works carries the name of method of cave-in. It is most effective, economic and provides both production of the duplicate, and opening of the lock. The method of cave-in is suitable for locks of suvaldny type, devices with pins and the cylindrical locking devices.

2. Take pig (preparation) for key corresponding to specific type of the castle device (as example we will consider the cylindrical lock). Insert preparation into lock cylinder, trying not to make at the same time excessive efforts. Now take pig head nippers with soft sponges; sponges have to be parallel each other.

3. Turn the preparation inserted into cylinder against the stop to the right, without making great efforts; otherwise you can break or bend preparation. Several times press preparation up and down. It is necessary for receiving on pig of future key of distinct prints.

4. You pass to the following cycle. Carefully turn preparation against the stop to the left. Now take out it from cylinder. After similar actions you will see on preparation rather well visible traces from pins.

5. Process file or file of suitable section those places where there are marking traces (prints of pins).

6. Repeat process of receiving marking until the cuts formed when processing by file do not become the necessary size and depth. Those zones on preparation which have no distinct traces of marking should not be processed. Sites where on cylinder there have to be short circuits, make ideally smooth.

7. When processing preparation delete with file for one pass only small amount of metal. Better then to make one more pass, than to allow irreparable defects in work. Work on production of the duplicate will go at the same time slightly more slowly, but the probability that preparation will be spoiled decreases.

8. From time to time insert preparation into cylinder of the lock and you make cave-in. Repeat operations until key it does not become ideal to unlock the lock.

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