How to make lambrequin own hands

How to make lambrequin own hands

Lambrequin – the decorative drapery from fabric of other color and texture placed over curtain. Fix it besides to eaves on which the curtain hangs. In the most wide part the lambrequin makes 1/6 from curtain length. This decorative element of registration of window or door opening can be in addition decorated with brushes, flounces or to be built not in folds, and in puffs. To make lambrequin own hands not so difficult.

It is required to you

  • - the soft, well draped, but not rumpled fabric;
  • - strips of cardboard or assembly tape for assembly of lambrequin;
  • - sewing pins.


1. The sagging part of lambrequin is called svagy. Depending on width of window calculate necessary quantity of lambrequins taking into account that their radius is equal 1/6 lengths of curtain. If its length of 250 cm, then radius of lambrequin 41 cm are equal. Among themselves they have to be blocked no more, than on 15-20 cm that the curtain and drapery looked harmoniously and folds of lambrequin were well visible. If you want lambrequins to be not blocked, then distances between them can be draped with additional decorative elements – kokilya or hand bells.

2. Before finding lambrequin from fabric, surely decatize it – iron through damp fine fabric or use the iron with otparivatel. It will help to avoid fabric shrinkage if you have to wash further lambrequin. The scheme of finished product is given in the drawing. In digit 1 it is designated ½ middle of svag, digit 2 – shoulder of svag, by digit 3 – depth and digit 4-½ of length of svag.

3. Make pattern, proceeding from parameters of future lambrequin. AV – ½ middle of svag, VS – allowance for processing, equal 15 cm of AD – depth of svag increased by 2, DE – depth of svag divided on 2, DF - ½ lengths of svag. Connect points of E and F on arch. At you the pattern of equilateral symmetric svag has turned out.

4. Collect svag, using for this purpose assembly tape or cardboard strip with marks on which you will fix folds by means of sewing pins. Note the set width of half of the middle of svag and attach width of his shoulder svag pin on noted middle and one for another drape folds, fixing them on tape by pins. All folds have to be identical depth. Check width and depth of svag that they were equal to calculated values.

5. Process bottom of svag slanting inlay or just hem it. You pristrochit top to assembly tape or strip of dense fabric. Collect lambrequin from several svag, decorate it with ties, cascades or kokilya.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team