How to make children's furniture most

How to make children's furniture most

Children's furniture is necessary in any house where there is child. But it is often difficult to pick up the necessary home decoration of the children's room for the taste, and even it is just expensive. The house handyman able to own the tool and knowing secrets of production of pieces of furniture the hands comes to the rescue. If you have not reached the highest levels of skill yet, begin with simple children's stool.

It is required to you

  • - Bar of 50х50 mm;
  • - Eaves board of 25 mm;
  • - Bar of 25х25 mm;
  • - Bar of 25х50 mm;
  • - Wood saw;
  • - Plane;
  • - Hammer;
  • - Screw driver;
  • - Self-tapping screws;
  • - Mall;
  • - Glue PVA.


1. As hardly in each house there will be woodworking machine, the technology is described for production of chair with use of hand tool. Before starting creation of masterpiece of furniture art, make sure that wooden material is dried up.

2. Begin with implementation of the drawing or at least the sketch of future product. It has to be simple and include all main parts of design.

3. Make preparations under stool legs. Saw off from bar two pieces on 270 mm, two more – on 520 mm. Their Prostrogayte from all four parties to receive the size of 40х40 mm. It can be done both on workbench, and in normal vice (two wooden laying will be necessary here to protect wood from dents). Apply marking on legs and cut off preparation on it hacksaw or the electrofret saw.

4. For production of crossbeams and chair back cut preparation 170 mm and 160 mm long respectively. Leave allowance of 50 mm, it is necessary for further processing. At the exit you have to receive crossbeams with sizes of 20х20 mm, 20х45 mm, 10х15 mm.

5. The seat will turn out from two boards with dimensions of 150х25х250 mm. Prostrogayte of board from all directions. Perform work carefully that after plane when joining boards there was no gap. Round off sharp angles on curve.

6. Time to process all parts abrasive paper has come. Pay close attention to faces of legs, they have to be smooth.

7. For production of castle elements by means of drill on legs, according to marking drill dead holes, it will help work with chisel. Remove with chisel and chisel wood from grooves. Cut thorns on crossbeams.

8. There is set of ways of fastening: nails, screws, thorns, by means of glue. We choose as wedge way. For this purpose on thorns of crossbeams make pro-saws 5 mm wide (at all length of thorn). Make wedges. They have to be slightly wider than groove and are shorter than it. Before installation of crossbeam insert into groove in has spent on drink wedge and collect knots, tapping on parts with wooden hammer (mall). The wedge will expand thorn and will prevent shaking of stool. For bigger reliability miss the mark finger joints with PVA glue.

9. When the framework is built, fix seat in the place, using self-tapping screws. Previously make in the place of fastening by thin drill opening that will prevent splitting of wood when screwing the self-tapping screw.

10. The final stage – painting. As soon as paint has dried, the stool made with own hands is ready to long operation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team