How to make lamp

How to make lamp

The cosiness in the house is reached in no small measure thanks to lighting. Not to the chandeliers pouring light stream from ceiling, but the small lamps creating the lit oasis in corner. The lamp shade made with own hands will give to such lamp even more charm.

It is required to you

  • - fabric
  • - threads
  • - scissors
  • - sewing machine
  • - tailor's meter
  • - the pencil or swept
  • - piece of linen elastic band


1. The self-made lamp shade is capable to recover and improve the oldest and unsightly desk lamp. If at you on mezzanines one of them was overlooked, you do not hurry to throw out it. It is possible to present it the second life. The following materials will be necessary for you for production of the lamp shade: - fabric - threads - scissors - the sewing machine - tailor's meter - pencil or chalk - piece of linen elastic band

2. Fabric needs to be chosen such that its design corresponded to already developed interior. Its quantity will depend on the sizes of future lamp shade. Take metal base of the lamp shade and measure it by tailor's meter. If the meter is unavailable, then measurements can be performed by means of normal thread which you apply then to ruler. Cutting of fabric needs to be made on slanting, fabric at the same time stretches and sits down on lamp shade basis better. Put fabric in half, measure the line equal to half of the lower part of the lamp shade, make mark chalk.

3. In the area of bend measure the distance equal to height of future lamp shade up, draw the top line of pattern through mark. Connect regions of the lower and top lines. Leave at the edges allowances for seams on 2 cm. Process edges seam zigzag or overloky. Tuck the top and lower edges of the lamp shade with stock, make direct seam on the machine, leaving the place for threading of elastic band. Sew lamp shade side, leaving not sewn up 1 cm from each edge. Pass elastic band in the stitched seams. From above sew up elastic band with dense seam. Pull the lamp shade on basis and tighten the top elastic band. The lower elastic band does not need to be tightened too, the lamp shade in the future should be removed for washing. Just try to avoid folds on fabric. The ready lamp shade can be decorated at discretion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team