How to make power-saw bench disk

How to make power-saw bench disk

Disk power-saw bench – the minimum equipment by means of which it is possible to adjust small business on sawing up of round logs on boards and bar. Not each enterprise can carry out full cycle of woodworking, but quite really to begin business, having power-saw bench with which one-two workers can cope. If desired and availability of skills of work with the equipment, you can build simple disk power-saw bench by own efforts.

It is required to you

  • - timber or metal trestle;
  • - boards;
  • - metal plates;
  • - fastening elements (screws, screws, nuts);
  • - tool for work with wood and metal;
  • - electric engine.


1. Get acquainted with design of disk power-saw bench and its distinctive features. Unlike tape power-saw bench, disk as operating part has the circular toothed saw established on machine spindle. Perhaps also fastening of saw directly on engine shaft. Processing of sawlog on power-saw bench includes kromleniye and division of edging board and also cross sawing of preparations by the required sizes.

2. Using ready schemes of industrial samples of disk power-saw bench, make own drawing of the device, proceeding from the requirements. If you experience difficulties by drawing up own project of power-saw bench, use ready drawings. The simplest design of power-saw bench has appearance of table under which there is shaft with circular saw. The cutting part of saw towers over the table plane. The shaft with saw is given to rotation by the engine via the belt gear. Such machine carries the name "tsirkulyarka" in the people.

3. Make the power-saw bench basis (table or the bed). As the bed use simple timber or metal trestle, having connected them among themselves by pieces of thick board. From above attach the table gathered from steel plates about 200 mm wide and 4 mm thick to this basis. Connect plates among themselves by means of crossing points and screws.

4. Attach the cutting tool to table from below so that the disk of saw was strictly in the middle of gap between plates. Fasten saw to table through the openings which are previously made in plates and the support plate. Openings in the support plate from face side to razzenkuyta also carry out assembly by countersunk head screws.

5. Screw collected table on the bed screws, and between plates insert insert with cut for saw disk into gap. During the work of saw persistent level fix to table clamps. The power-saw bench is almost ready to work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team