Modular combined ladders: pluses and minuses

Modular combined ladders: pluses and minuses

Modular ladders - designs, convenient for independent mounting, which will provide your house with excellent means of vertical rise. There is set of types of modular ladders therefore it is possible to pick up option for any room.

The modular ladder represents precast structure from supporters and steps. The modularity of ladder allows to build in it any interior, to give it any form. The bearing part of ladder is made of strong materials - from quality stainless steel or from structural steel with polymeric covering. Steps are usually made of plywood or tree, but there are options of stone, keramogranitny, metal steps.

There are three ways of fastening of modules of ladder among themselves. The cheapest ladders have fastening type "the module in the module". Modules of such ladders consist of tubes which are inserted each other therefore assembly is very simple and takes not enough time. Shortcomings of such ladders is the backlash between modules and fast sagging of ladder in use.

More expensive ladders - with threaded type of connection of modules. Such designs have no backlash and do not sag, but are untwisted over time. You should tighten up connections of modules constantly. Modular ladders of the second generation have more difficult type of connection of modules, it is difficult to collect such ladders without expert and their price is high, but they are stronger and, the main thing, allow to regulate step of steps randomly.

Advantages of modular ladders

Modular ladders are simple in design. Just it is necessary to buy the necessary number of modules which pays off proceeding from floor-to-ceiling height and height of step. Assembly of modular ladders - the process available even for the unprepared person. It is possible and to collect independently ladder and if on delivery the supplier provides also mounting, then work of professionals will take only a few minutes.

The modular ladder without problems can be established in ready interior, it favourably distinguishes it from normal ladders which need to be projected at stage of construction of the house.

Modular ladders - one of the most inexpensive types of ladders for the house. Simple options will be available to family with small prosperity. They are very compact therefore they are ideal for small rooms.

Shortcomings of modular ladders

Cheap modular ladders quickly cave in and sag at operation. Modular ladders have standard design, they cannot be decorated in addition with substeps, bowstring, rail-posts, etc.

It is easy to collect only straight staircases, when collecting ladders with turns there can be difficulties which are not described in the instruction.

Exterior of such ladders is minimalist and modern therefore they will not approach rich interior in classic style.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team