How to make scales

How to make scales

How often throughout our life we should weigh something. And it is possible to weigh anything. Especially accuracy requirement in preparation of any substances which demand severity in calculation of proportions. Approximately or on glass to measure exact amount of substance it will not turn out any more. Therefore it will be better to buy scales in shop, and more favorable way will be autographic production of scales.

It is required to you

  • - piece of box (cable channel) 0.5 m long
  • - the high boxing for compact disks calculated on 50 pieces
  • - 2 zakatochny covers for glass jars
  • - strong threads
  • - bolt with the small site for thread, nut and washer


1. We sort box, we receive two halves. One reminds letter P, and the second is similar to ruler. The first will be support for our scales, and the second – yoke. The support has to be not too high, shorter, than yoke. At the top of support and in yoke we drill opening in the middle on diameter of bolt. We fasten both parts of scales that they freely rotated relatively each other and did not rub.

2. We do support. In boxing cover for disks we do opening. We insert support into opening, we twist cover.

3. Now bowls. In zakatochny covers we do three openings around, for threads. That bowls from covers were steady, mark openings so that the distance between them made 7.5 cm on straight line.

4. On both sides of our crossbeam openings for threads become too. By means of threads we connect each bowl to crossbeam. It is better to do it so: we take the end of thread, we pass throughout opening on cover, then the thread goes through crossbeam shoulder. After that, without cutting off thread, we pass it throughout the following opening, then again on crossbeam, and so we do with both covers. After such fastening of covers they will be easy to be adjusted.

5. Scales are almost ready. It is only necessary to carry out final balancing and to counterbalance them. For the end of shoulder which has turned out easier we glue small piece of plasticine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team