How to bake a saltwater fish

How to bake a saltwater fish

The saltwater fish contains many useful substances and the minerals vital for normal functioning of a human body. There are many recipes for a saltwater fish, roasting of a saltwater fish is ideal for a family dinner.

It is required to you

  • saltwater fish;
    • vegetables;
    • flour;


1. Take 500 grams of a saltwater fish, wash out her and clean. Cut her along a spine bone and cut across on pieces. For several minutes lower in the added some salt milk, then roll in in flour or pounded crackers. Lay skin on the won-over frying pan and put in an oven for ten minutes.

2. Rockfish, cod, baked with onions. Take 750 grams of fish, peel her and cut portion pieces, salt, pepper, roll in in flour. Small cut two heads of onions and slightly fry it on vegetable oil. Lay out a saltwater fish in a deep frying pan or on a baking tray, strew from above with fried onions, add some vegetable oil and add several tablespoons of hot water. Bake 20 minutes, later strew with greens.

3. The saltwater fish baked in dairy and egg sauce. Take 600 grams of the cleaned saltwater fish and cut her on portion pieces, salt and pepper them, roll in in flour and fry in a frying pan. Mix two eggs with 1.5 glass of milk, salt. Lay out fish in the oiled stewpan and fill in with mix, from above strew fish with a grated cheese and ground crackers. Bake ten minutes in an oven.

4. The saltwater fish baked in parchment. Take 600 grams of the cleaned saltwater fish and cut her on portion pieces, put in ware, salt, pepper from above a thin layer lay out the chopped onions. Remove for two hours in the fridge. Cut parchment paper and grease it with a thin layer of a desi. Inwrap each piece of fish in parchment and put on the baking tray greased with a desi. Bake fish in an oven.

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