How to make sharpening

How to make sharpening

Any master knows how many tortures are delivered by work with not edged tool. Therefore sharpening of knife is very important issue on which time should not be sorry. Just you remember that work with blunt tool takes away even more time. To carry out high-quality sharpening of edge, it is necessary to stock up with patience and bars of different degree of granularity. By the way, if your knife is often rebated, it is worth finding quality steel and to make new. Believe, you will save so heap of nerves and time.


1. Let's talk about technology of sharpening. We begin sharpening of edge with rough bar. At the same time on all extent of edge we will have hangnail representing the thin strip of metal which is formed on cutting edge when sharpening knife. When sharpening knife blade on both sides this hangnail in principle has to be bent here and there, but should not be broken off. The hangnail is some kind of indicator on which it is possible to evaluate whether the edge will be ground. As soon as we designate hangnail, pass to bar of smaller granularity. When from edge all traces move away from the previous bar, it is possible to change bar again.

2. That it was possible to distinguish traces from various bars, it is better to carry out sharpening diversely or under different corners.

3. So, hangnail we will leave so far alone as the turn will reach it later. Just we sharpen facets, changing in turn bars, and each new bar undertakes a little smaller granularity, than previous. When we approach the last bar, it is possible to be engaged in removal of hangnail. We grind off it from two parties of edge so that the cutting edge of knife blade as a result has got corner in the range from 23 to 45 islands.

4. For removal of hangnail it is the best of all to use diamond or ceramic bars. If you have no such bars, look for something like that. And here bars from light slate are not recommended to be used. Them together with skin it is better to process edge when the hangnail is already removed. Skin it is possible (it is even necessary) to rub with GOI paste and to properly polish edge edge. On it sharpening of knife can be considered as ended.

5. There is also a wish to note that many people mistakenly believe that allegedly the sharpness of edge is defined by the angle of sharpening of edge. That is, the corner – the more sharply knife blade is less. It's not true. At qualitative staly there is the limit which makes 23 lakes. Such angle of sharpening allows cutting edge to keep the sharpness longer. It does not make sense to sharpen edge under smaller corner.

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