How to make Smokey Ayz

How to make Smokey Ayz

eyes or smoky make-up became fashionable in the twenties the last century when there was popular black-and-white cinema. But still this option of make-up remains the most favourite many women as allows to draw attention to eyes, doing them seductive, mysterious, attracting. Such option of make-up of eyes is characterized by indistinct indistinct contours, kind of through haze. However often in attempt to create smoky eyes, the women go to far in shadows, ink or pencil, having as a result effect of the smeared yesterday's make-up. That it did not happen, it is necessary to learn to carry out smoky make-up correctly.


  1. Prepare skin. Apply the leveling liquid foundation, carefully shade. Apply light powder in tone of skin. Also it is surely ruddy natural shade of warm or cold scale depending on color of the make-up which is carried out by you.
  2. Any smoky make-up will successfully not look if you have not hidden signs of fatigue, that is dark circles and bags under eyes. Therefore safely pick up concealer and mask these shortcomings.
  3. Starting direct make-up of eyes, apply basis for shadows on mobile eyelid. With it shadows will longer keep, and color will be brighter.
  4. On ciliary edge draw the line soft black, gray or brown pencil. The line has to be about a half-centimeter thick. Also put with pencil the line along eyelashes on lower eyelid. Carefully shade both lines narrow brush for shadows.
  5. The most dark shade of shadows is applied through shading of pencil on upper eyelid and in external corner of eye to fold of century. The average shade of shadows is applied on all surface of mobile century, and the lightest – in internal corner of eye and under eyebrow. Shade borders between the put shades of shadows so that it was not accurately clear where one color and where another begins.
  6. It is better to use ink or volume, or with effect of false eyelashes. Carefully paint over eyelashes in two – three layers, bound together cilia can be divided special brush for eyelashes. Also, to make look even more open, it is possible to twist slightly cilia special tweezers before putting ink.
  7. Remember that smoky eyes draws attention to eyes therefore the make-up of lips has to be in gentle natural scale. Try gentle gloss of pink or beige shades, opaque lipsticks of natural color. Your make-up is ready!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team