How to make the estimate of construction of wooden house

How to make the estimate of construction of wooden house

Why it is necessary to make the estimate? The answer is simple. Correctly made estimate will help you to avoid contingencies and to control them at any stage of construction of wooden house.

It is not important whether you will build the house independently or you will employ team of workers before starting directly construction, it is required to make the estimate where it is necessary to include all planned expenses, including costs of materials and compensation of workers. There are several ways of calculation of expenses and, respectively, payment.

Labor-intensive method

Use this way, as a rule, if construction volume small. For works several people are employed and the contract is not made out. Then the foreman calls salary to workers, and materials, the cost of their delivery and other expenses are paid by the customer separately. If it is about big construction, then this method is unacceptable.

The estimate on the integrated indicators

If you have decided to employ not team of workers, but small civil engineering firm for construction of wooden house, then the estimate is formed without specification of jobbing, only on main types of works. The list of necessary materials is formed, their quantity and cost is specified. This document will allow you to foreknow expenses on construction and also to watch that works were performed in due time.

The unrolled estimate

When it comes to serious volumes of construction, for performance of work employ contract organization. In this case the estimate made in due form budget business will be required, the truth is used the regulatory base of the contractor. All types of the works performed on object, all necessary materials in exact quantity with the indication of cost, the salary of workers are in detail specified in the traditional estimate. It is also necessary to reflect overhead costs, that is transport and others, unforeseen expenses and the profit of the construction organization are considered. It is the most clear and convenient method for the customer, but it is better to involve the professional estimator who owns not only skills of budget business, but also production issues of construction to its drawing up, then the estimate will be made correctly and there will be no controversial issues in the course of construction and also unpleasant insinuations. After the approval of the estimate the customer, that is you, all changes can be made to it only from your consent. When everything is coordinated, the progress schedule is formed, leaning on which you will be able to control process of construction of wooden house.

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