How to make the furnace of metal the hands

How to make the furnace of metal the hands

For heating of small country houses, garages, baths and various farm buildings the furnaces manufactured of metal are often used. Design the heating equipment of this type has pretty simple. Therefore, and it will be rather simple to make the metal oven with skills of work with the welding machine the hands.

More often all for heating of garages, dachas and farm buildings are used the small metal ovens of the simplest design called potbelly stoves. Efficiency at such heating equipment not too high. But at the same time assembly of designs of this type very cheap also manages. Such oven will be simplest to be assembled by the hands.

In baths the special metal furnaces called kamenka are installed. Such devices are used not only for heating washing, locker rooms and sweating rooms, but also actually for receiving steam.

What the metal furnace is

Basic elements of design of heating devices of this type are:

  • ashpit with grid-iron;
  • toplivnik;
  • branch pipe under smoke pipe.

Bathing Kamenka, in addition, are supplemented with compartment for laying of stones and tank for water heating.

For production of the body of metal furnaces of any type can be used both sheet steel, and various improvised materials — thick wall pipes of large diameter, empty gas cylinders and even old barrels.

Production of the potbelly stove from sheet steel

For welding of the furnace on such technology usually use material 3-4 mm thick. The potbelly stove manufactured of such sheet steel will manage rather cheap and will serve long enough. Work on production of the furnace in this case in several stages is performed:

  • the drawing of design is formed;
  • metal cutting is carried out;
  • the body cooks;
  • doors of fire chamber and ashpit are cut;
  • the grid iron is established;
  • doors are hung on loops;
  • latches of doors are made;
  • the supporting structure cooks.

The drawing is developed usually taking into account that height of the ready furnace potbelly stove has to be a little bigger its width. In this case the device in the subsequent will heat more effectively rooms and will not begin to smoke.

One more condition of correct operation of the potbelly stove in the course of the subsequent operation is the correct arrangement of door of toplivnik. Too close to cover it cannot be cut through.

Cut out sheet metal plate for the furnace in most cases the normal Bulgarian. Previously material is marked with use of ruler, the square and marker.

Production of the body from iron

To weld the main part of the furnace:

  • the bottom is stacked on plain surface;
  • take to it in several places at first one, and then second side parts;
  • take furnace faces.

Further in the body weld corners for installation of grid-iron. Then:

  • establish grid-iron;
  • take body cover in several places.

At the final stage finally boil all taken seams.


Cuts under doors carry out usually how the furnace body will be welded. At the same time machine cuts on all corners make a little (approximately on half-centimeter) not up to the end. Before installation of loops future door has to remain on the place.

After loops are welded, cut out door or just beat out the hammer up to the end. After that start production of latch. Fix this element on door most often by welding with use of bolt.

The latch is usually done of strip of the same steel that it was used for production of the body, 2-2.5 cm wide. The free end of latch before fastening for convenience of the subsequent operation is bent on width in couple of centimeters.

It is possible to use for the potbelly stove, of course, and ready factory oven doors. Frames of such products fix in body openings usually on the welded corners with use of bolts. Such technology in the subsequent allows to change doors in case of need.

Branch pipe under pipe

Under this constructive part of the potbelly stove to cut through opening it is allowed both on body cover, and in upper part of back face. The first option at the same time is considered a little simpler performed by. Horizontally located branch pipes usually it is necessary to fix in addition to the crossing point from corner established in the body.

It is the simplest to cut through opening under branch pipe with use of the welding machine. But it is possible to make it and by means of the Bulgarian.

Final stage

After the main part of the iron potbelly stove is welded, it is possible to start production of support for it. The support framework for such furnace can be welded as from corner, and, for example, from pipes of not too large diameter.

It is necessary to install the furnace welded from metal on steel leaf. Stacked, panel board or timbered walls near the potbelly stove also without fail close the metal screen.

The vertical potbelly stove from pipes the hands

It is not too difficult to make the metal furnace of sheet steel, thus. However it is even simpler to collect design of this type with use of thick wall pipe diameter, for example, in 40-50 cm. In this case production of the potbelly stove will look approximately as follows:

  • from pipe by means of the welding machine separate piece of 60 cm under the body;
  • carry out marking under doors of fire chamber and ashpit;
  • cut doors as well as in the first case, not up to the end on corners;
  • weld loops and beat out doors.

Further work is performed approximately on the same technology that has been described above. To cut off piece of pipe under the body most exactly, it is possible to use, for example, linoleum strip. Wind with it pipe in one layer with fastening on adhesive tape. Further just cut pipe on linoleum edge.

Doors of fire chambers of 60 centimetric ovens do by usually 20 cm high. They have to have width such that in the oven in the subsequent it was convenient to put firewood. Usually the aperture of doors of fire chambers of potbelly stoves is done by width not less than in 26 cm.

To curve corner support under grid-iron ring, on all its length in regiment with step to several centimeters do angular cuts. Additional rigidity the ring in the subsequent is given by welding in the area of diameter of metal crossing point.

The oven cover of pipe is usually done not round, but square. It allows to increase the area of the heated surface and efficiency of the potbelly stove. The square cover for such oven can be made, in addition, also removable.

In this case two rings a little bigger and a little smaller, than the body of the furnace, diameter from metal strips from below are just welded on square leaf. Nonflammable sealant is inserted into groove between rings. The grid-iron for the furnace with the round body can also be welded independently, for example, from reinforcing rods.

Furnaces Kamenka for baths from metal

In this case for production of the metal furnace the hands it is also simpler to use everything pipe. Potbelly stoves gather iron Kamenka approximately by the same technique, as. However the assembly technology of furnaces of this type nevertheless has some nuances.

Establish Kamenka most often in the middle of bath — at crossing point between sweating room / washing and locker room. At the same time the fire chamber of design is done portable. In this case the body of the furnace remains in washing, and the fire chamber is removed in locker room.

The technology of mounting such kamenok looks approximately so:

  • from pipe separate piece 100-120 cm long;
  • at the very bottom the body welds the portable fire chamber made of pieces of metal and cuts in it door;
  • sideways slightly above portable part of fire chamber cut opening for the camera under stones;
  • weld in the body fire chamber cover with the opening made on its center under flue;
  • establish and weld flue, using pipe of such length that it towered over the body approximately on 10 cm;
  • insert into the opening prepared earlier piece of other pipe (the camera under stones) the corresponding diameter;
  • weld this pipe on edges of opening and on opposite wall of fire chamber;
  • establish furnace body cover.

The tube section which has remained over fire chamber cover in such Kamenka in the subsequent will be used as tank under water. From body cover therefore at the final stage it is necessary to cut off small part and to fix it on loops. Through the turned-out door in tank in the subsequent it will be possible to pour water.

The crane in Kamenka this type is removed over the cover of fire chamber. The pipe in the bathing furnace of this version passes as it was possible to notice, directly through tank. Water in the subsequent will heat up in addition from its walls.

To collect Kamenka from pipe, as well as the potbelly stove, thus, the hands it will be simple. But certainly, all seams in the furnace of such design should be boiled as it is possible more carefully. Otherwise water will filter into fire chamber from tank in the subsequent.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team